Grants keep programs afloat

State program keeps human services going

EBENSBURG — Flexible allocation of funds has helped keep human services in Cambria County afloat.

The county enters its ninth year of participation in the state block grant program, which officials said has not only provided state funding, but allowed the county to support multiple departments with those funds.

“We are able to share money to numerous programs as needed,” said Tracy Selak, who is Cambria County’s administrator of behavioral health, intellectual disabilities and early intervention.

The state block grant has provided funding for behavioral health, drug and alcohol services, intellectual disabilities, the Homelessness Assistance Program and the Human Services Development Fund, Salek said.

The sharing of funds was recently put on display, Salek said, after $231,131 from behavioral health was transferred to intellectual disabilities to support a 21-year-old person with special needs.

According to Salek, an additional $50,000 of behavioral health funds were transferred to the Human Services Development Fund to support the ongoing operation of the child advocacy center.

Despite the sharing of funding, Salek said no behavioral health individuals lost or did not receive funding.

“The program has been really successful, and it’s giving us the capability to get services paid for and taken care of,” Salek said.

Salek said the county also received additional state funding for the Maternal Addiction Resource Center, which supports pregnant females in active addiction.

Mirror Staff Writer Calem Illig is at 814-946-7535.


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