Virus case numbers fall a bit

The numbers of new COVID-19 cases dropped this week in five of the six local counties, although hospitalizations rose in four of them, according to Friday’s weekly update of the state Department of Health’s early warning dashboard.

The number of new cases dropped in Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Centre and Clearfield counties, compared to the previous week, with the biggest drop in Cambria. The number of new cases rose in Huntingdon.

Conversely, the average daily number of COVID-19 hospitalizations rose this week in Blair. Cambria, Centre and Huntingdon counties, with the biggest increase in Blair — although the hospitalization increases in the other counties were slight.

Blair’s number of new COVID-19 cases fell by 52 to 206, although the average daily number of hospital patients in for COVID-19 rose by 10 to 43.

Bedford’s number of new cases fell by 26 to 43, and its average daily number of patients also fell by two patients to three.

Cambria’s number of new COVID-19 cases fell by 67 to 174, although its daily hospitalizations rose by 0.8 to 35.

Centre’s new case number fell by 33 to 290, although its daily hospitalization count rose by 0.2 to 27.

Clearfield’s new case number fell by 26 to 149, and its hospitalization count also fell by three to 17.

Huntingdon’s new case number rose by 13 to 54 and its hospitalization number also rose by 0.3 to three patients per day.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.


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