Area COVID-19 numbers improving

Friday’s update to the state Department of Health’s early warning dashboard for COVID-19 shows that conditions are improving in the region.

The number of new cases this week, along with the incidence rate — the number of new cases per 100,000 residents — dropped in all six local counties; while the test positivity rate and the average daily hospitalization levels dropped in five of the six.

The number of total new cases for this week dropped the most in Blair County, down 84 to 142.

The average daily COVID-19 hospitalization count dropped in all the local counties except Cambria, which rose by 2.2 patients per day to 32.9.

The biggest drop was in Blair, which went down 14 to 27.9 COVID-19 patients per day. Centre’s patient count declined by 3.9 to 15 patients per day, while Clearfield’s went down 0.8 to 14.1 patients per day.

The number of new cases for Pennsylvania as a whole went down by 4,878 to 9,522; while the state’s incidence rate declined by 38 to 74; and its positivity rate fell by 1.3 points to 5.3%.

The local numbers for this week:

* Blair: New case count, down 84 to 142; incidence rate, down 69 to 116 per 100,000 residents; positivity, down 1.8 points to 6.7%; average daily COVID patient count, down 14 to 27.9.

* Bedford: New COVID-19 cases, down 23 to 39; incidence rate, down 48 to 81; positivity, down 0.3 point to 9.4%.

* Cambria: New cases, down 4 to 131; incidence rate, down 3 to 100; positivity, up 1.3 points to 7%; average patient count, up 2.2 to 32.9.

* Centre: New cases, down 62 to 101; incidence rate, down 38 to 62; positivity, down 1.5 points to 5.6%; average patient count, down 0.8 to 14.1.

* Clearfield: New cases, down 33 to 82; incidence rate, down 42 to 103; positivity, down 2.8 points to 6.6%; patient count, down 0.8 to 14.1.

* Huntingdon: New cas­es, down 36 to 35; incidence rate, down 80 to 77; positivity, down 1.8 points to 5.3%.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.


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