COVID-19 cases continue to fall

Four local counties’ test positivity under 5% threshold

The COVID-19 situation in the region continues to improve, and for the first time in months, more than one of the 12 key regional metrics in the state’s early-warning dashboard — two per county — are below the thresholds of concern.

Those include Blair’s test positivity, which, at 4.4%, is under the 5% threshold — as are Clearfield’s positivity of 3.6%, Cambria’s positivity of 4% and Centre’s positivity of 4.5%.

Also under the threshold of concern is Bedford’s incidence rate — the number of new cases per 100,000 residents over the last week — which, at 43, is under the threshold of 50.

Last week, the only regional key metric below its threshold of concern was Cambria’s positivity, which was 4.3%.

Blair’s test positivity for this week is down by 3.2 points.

Centre’s is down by 4.7 points, the biggest positivity drop.

Clearfield’s is down by 1.7 points and Cambria’s by 0.3 points.

Bedford County’s positivity, which at 6.4% is still over the threshold of concern, is down by 0.5 points.

Huntingdon County’s positivity, which at 5.3%, is still over the threshold, is down by 2.1 points.

Blair’s incidence rate, which at 72 is still over the threshold of concern, had the biggest drop among local counties, at 43%.

Clearfield’s incidence rate, 74, is down 42%.

Huntingdon’s incidence rate is 144, down 34%.

Cambria’s incidence rate, 64, is down 26%.

Centre’s incidence rate, which at 208, is the highest rate locally, was down 18%.

Bedford’s incidence rate is down 14%.

There is additional evidence for the diminishing regional outbreak: The total new-case count is down from the previous week by 281.

The biggest drop was in Centre County, by 88 cases to 405.

In the state as a whole, the number of new cases declined by 5,461 this week.

The incidence rate was down 24%, to 116.

The positivity was down 1.5 points, to 6.5%.

The wintry weather this week has hindered distribution of vaccines in Pennsylvania, the Department of Health reiterated Friday in an email.

Moderna vaccines were not shipped from its distribution hub on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, while the Pfizer vaccine was not shipped from its hub on Monday and only a “limited amount” of it was shipped Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the department.

The federal government, which is in charge of the vaccine shipments to states, “is working to catch up as efficiently as possible,” according to the news release.

There will, however, be “a significant backlog of orders for distribution as the federal government and the distributors work to begin shipping again,” the news release stated.

Pennsylvania received 183,000 first doses this week — 112,000 from Moderna and 71,000 from Pfizer, according to the news release. Philadelphia and federal facilities receive doses separately.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.


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