Council member charged with theft

City Councilwoman Christie Jordan has been charged with theft for allegedly taking keys without permission from a house she co-owns with her ex-husband — a house in which she doesn’t live — and keeping the keys for several hours.

Jordan, 43, allegedly went into the city house through an unlocked back door on the morning of Dec. 27 and took the keys to a car owned solely by her ex-husband from a table, according to Altoona police.

The daughter of her ex-husband called and texted Jordan for the next several hours, because the car was needed for transportation to work, according to the criminal complaint.

Jordan brought the keys back in the afternoon, about eight hours after taking them, according to police, who were able to corroborate information from the victim based on surveillance video, according to the complaint.

The victim was concerned that Jordan took the keys to copy them, according to the complaint.

Jordan told the victim’s daughter she took the keys “because that’s how easy it was to get in here,” according to the complaint.

“(She explained) how her entering the residence without permission and removing the needed keys was her way of sending a message,” the complaint stated.

No one lives at the residence, Jordan told police, according to the complaint.

“(That) is clearly not the case, based on many previous police interactions at the residence concerning her conduct toward her estranged family,” the complaint states.

Jordan had gone to the house to “inspect” it, because she had seen “strange people” coming and going from there and had taken the keys to “secure” them, Jordan told police.

Jordan said she was unaware police had filed charges when contacted by the Mirror on Friday afternoon.

It was “drama,” a “domestic,” Jordan said about the incident.

“A crime against my own property,” she said.

Jordan, who has served on council since 2016, told Mayor Matt Pacifico in an email message in August that she planned to resign soon, but hasn’t followed through.

She rarely attends meetings.

Her term is up at the end of this year.

“Every communication I send to council, she is part of,” said City Manager Ken Decker. “I haven’t seen anything to indicate she is not going to complete her term.”


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