Hospitalizations continue climb

The coronavirus outbreak in the region seems to be calming a little, according to the state’s Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard, although hospitalizations are rising in four of the six local counties — a reflection of the lag between when patients test positive and when they seek treatment.

All six local counties remain far beyond the thresholds of concern for the two key dashboard indicators related to positive cases: an incidence rate for the previous week of 50 per 100,000 people and a positivity rate of 5%.

The most egregious incidence rate is in Blair County, at 596 cases per 100,000 people for the past week — 11 times the threshold.

The most egregious positivity rate is in Bedford County at 25.3%, five times the threshold number.

Still, the numbers for new positive cases are declining.

Last week, there were more new cases in the previous seven days than in the seven days before then in five of the local counties and the state as a whole, this week, it’s almost the opposite: there were fewer new cases than in the previous week in four of the local counties and in the state as a whole.

Last week, cases were up in all but Clearfield County. By contrast, this week, new cases are down in all but Huntingdon and Clearfield counties.

It’s a different situation for average daily hospitalizations, which are up this week in Clearfield, Cambria, Centre and Huntingdon counties, compared to the previous week.

Hospitalizations are up by 14 per day in Clearfield, 13 in Cambria and eight in Centre.

Last week, hospitalizations also were up in all those counties, but by smaller differences.

In the other two local counties this week — Blair and Bedford — there were fewer average daily hospitalizations than last week.

Blair’s hospitalization number was down by 11 patients per day. Bedford’s average number of hospitalizations was down by 3 per day, compared to last week.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.

By the numbers:

* Blair — 187 fewer new cases than the previous week; an average of 11 fewer in the hospital per day; an incidence rate of 596; 19.2% positivity.

* Bedford — 163 fewer new cases; 3 fewer in the

hospital; an incidence rate of 558; a positivity rate

of 25.3%.

* Cambria — 517 fewer new cases; 13 more in the hospital; an incidence rate of 527; positivity 15.8%.

* Centre — 109 fewer new cases; eight more in the

hospital; an incidence rate of 347; positivity 14.5%.

* Clearfield — The same number of new cases as the previous week; 14 more patients per day in the hospital; incidence rate of 560; positivity 15.2%.

* Huntingdon — 68 more cases; 2.5 more patients in the hospital; a 569 incidence rate and 24% positivity.


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