Tyrone gives virtual learning a trial run

The Tyrone Area School District will put K-12 on a virtual learning trial run on Nov. 19.

Last week, Tyrone Area Superintendent Leslie Estep sent a letter to district families saying that due to the growing positive COVID-19 cases, the district would roll out a “practice session” for K-12 in a virtual learning model. Estep said this does not apply to Pre-K and daycare.

“This session will give everyone an opportunity to collect feedback and make adjustments should it become necessary to implement this model,” she said.

The administration will continue to use an in-person education model, however, Estep said the district has two different plans in case there are closures of classrooms, buildings or the entire district.

The first plan consists of off-line remote learning, which Estep describes as a “combination of paper/pencil and virtual work.” There would be no live instruction on these days. Estep said the administration would most likely use this model for closures that last fewer than three days.

The second plan is virtual instruction, which would feature teachers giving live instruction through a digital platform with students following a schedule similar to that of a normal school day. Estep said this model would be for longer-term closures.


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