Huntingdon closes offices to walk-ins

HUNTINGDON — The Huntingdon County commissioners have announced that, effective Monday, Nov. 23, county offices will be open by appointment only.

Visitors who need to make an appointment should call the department they want to see directly. Phone numbers are available on the county website or by calling the commissioner’s office at 814-643-3091. Office numbers also will be posted on the doors of county buildings.

Commissioners and the Huntingdon County Emergency Management Agency conducted numerous meetings to address the impact of access to public records and the need to provide safety and security for county employees and the public in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Commissioners request that everyone entering county buildings thoroughly wash and sterilize their hands before entering county offices.

Commissioners have advised employees to keep a safe distance from members of the public while answering questions or providing requested information.

Commissioners and the Emergency Management Agency have developed a questionnaire to be presented to all individuals seeking to enter county offices. The questionnaire will require individuals to disclose recent travels and whether individuals themselves have symptoms or have had unprotected contact with individuals with symptoms of COVID-19.

Affirmative answers will delay direct access. If materials are readily available or obtainable, county employees may be able to retrieve copies of requested materials.

For court-related questions, call court administration at 814-643-5078. Although the courthouse will be subject to the same restrictions as all county buildings, the court will remain open to handle emergency situations.

The Sheriff’s Office also will remain open.


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