Trump son stumps in Blair

‘Let’s make the liberals cry again’

Musician Ted Nugent (left) introduces Donald Trump Jr. during a rally for President Donald Trump on Friday at the Blair County Convention Center. Mirror photo by William Kibler

Cameron Hanes, the Oregon bowhunter who introduced a campaign rally headlined by Donald Trump Jr. on Friday in Altoona shared an image that wasn’t meant to appeal to an audience on the Upper East Side in Manhattan:

“We had a truck full of dead goats,” Hanes said, speaking of the aftermath of a hunting foray in Oregon years ago, and a valet who came out from a hotel to park the truck — then decided he didn’t really want to climb aboard.

The rally at the Blair Convention Center on Friday didn’t pulsate with the kind of energy that dominated recent area events held by Trump Jr.’s father, but it clearly targeted the same group: those who’ve climbed aboard the “Trump Train” — which was the subject of a performance by a group of dancers who warmed up the audience Friday in plaid shirts that matched the shirt worn by guitarist Ted Nugent, who also helped warm up the crowd for the president’s son.

Some Republicans are put off by Donald Trump’s personality, because he’s not the typical politician, according to Jerry Kauffman of Logan Township, one of about 500 attendees.

Rather, “he’s a fighter,” Kauffman said.

He’s different enough that he’s held in contempt by the national media, which is a “disgrace,” said Kauffman.

“They want that guy (Democratic candidate Joe Biden) to win so bad,” he said.

Trump Jr. expanded on that theme, speaking of the media helping Democrats to impeach his father “for being right about Joe Biden” — a reference to the senior Trump’s attempt to enlist the president of Ukraine to provide damaging information against the president’s electoral rival.

The mainstream media has also refused, unfairly, to continue a story about money laundering accusations against the Biden family revealed by the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and conservative media, Trump Jr. claimed.

Those accusations include payment of $1.5 billion, he alleged.

“What do you think would happen if Donald Trump Jr. got 1.5 dollars from the Chinese government?” Trump Jr. asked.

He answered himself, talking about being at the Rikers Island Prison Complex, “trying hard not to drop the soap” — which drew a reaction from the crowd.

His father elected to run after growing tired of complaining about people in power, Trump Jr. said.

“He said, ‘It’s time to man up and get in the game,'” Trump Jr. said.

“I’m in Pennsylvania — I can still say ‘man’ up?” Trump Jr. asked the crowd. “Not the 9,550 other genders?”

Two presidential visits and several “surrogate” visits like Friday’s within the past few weeks illustrates how close the presidential race is in Pennsylvania — and how critical the state’s electoral college votes may be for determining the outcome, said Blair County Republican Chairman Jim Foreman.

“Vote for your freedom, your liberty, the Constitution,” Trump Jr. told the crowd at the end. “Let’s make the liberals cry again.”


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