City woman arrested in shooting

Todd charged in drug deal turned robbery


Logan Township Police charged an Altoona woman Monday with attempted homicide and conspiracy to commit robbery for her role in a September shooting, a criminal complaint stated.

Police accused Rebekah L. Todd, 31, of participating in an armed robbery Sept. 13 during which a 42-year-old Altoona man, Justin F. LeFevre, allegedly shot a woman in Greenwood while attempting to steal drugs and money, court documents stated.

Now confined at Blair County Prison, Todd was arraigned Monday and charged with 16 felony and 10 misdemeanor charges related to attempted homicide, robbery, aggravated assault and firearms.

On Sept. 13, LeFevre, a 15-year-old boy and a “short-in-stature” female wearing a bandanna over her face with a tattoo on her forehead were allegedly involved in a drug deal turned robbery, police reported.

Prior to the event, the 15-year-old allegedly texted LeFevre that two women had about $1,000 in methamphetamine for sale, and later LeFevre and a woman with a tattooed forehead, identified only as “Bekuh,” picked up the 15-year-old before heading to Greenwood.

Police said LeFevre, the 15-year-old and LeFevre’s female companion, now identified as Todd, then met up with the two women.

As the robbery unfolded, LeFevre pointed a handgun at the victims’ heads while Todd held an “AR-style” weapon in the low-ready position, police documents state.

The low-ready position is frequently used by the military and police when armed with semi-automatic rifles and describes a firearm held diagonally across the abdomen with the butt ready to be pulled into the shoulder and the barrel pointed low, typically at the floor.

While aiming his handgun at the two women, LeFevre demanded “Gimme it,” the victims told police.

After “some back and forth” be­tween LeFevre and the woman who was ultimately shot, LeFevre al­legedly fired off three rounds, either into the ground or into the air, while repeatedly yelling, “Give me all your money! I will shoot you,” the women told police.

In response to LeFevre’s shots, one of the victims fled the scene, and the other, who was later shot, said she believed she cut LeFevre’s hand with a pocketknife before fleeing herself, the Mirror reported previously.

Upon running, the knife-wielding woman said LeFevre started shooting, and both victims said they heard a “louder bang,” which made them believe Todd was shooting as well, court documents stated.

On Sept. 17, Todd, who is 5-foot-5, was driving LeFevre to a Sheetz on Pleasant Valley Boulevard when police arrested LeFevre.

After obtaining a search warrant, police found a handgun registered to Todd in her vehicle and an “AR-style” rifle at her residence as well as multiple loaded magazines and ammunition for both weapons, court documents stated.

The weapons and ammunition were seized and sent to Pennsylvania State Police Crime Labs for testing and to be compared with bullets collected at the scene of the robbery, according to a police report.

Todd was not able to post her cash bail, which was set at $300,000, as of Tuesday evening.


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