City woman faces false report charge

Gregorchik said car was stolen while in alleged drug stupor

An Altoona woman faces charges after police say she falsely claimed her car was stolen while allegedly in a drug-induced stupor.

On Aug. 15, Trisha Ann Gregorchik, 36, who had a 5-year-old child with her, allegedly claimed her car was stolen after she parked in a convenience store’s parking lot.

Officers responded about 9 p.m. to the parking lot of FeFi’s Grocery at 604 Seventh St., where Gregorchik claimed she had arrived about 10 minutes earlier in her Mitsubishi Lancer and after shutting off the car and walking into the store, she turned around to see the car heading east on Sixth Avenue, according to the charges filed Wednesday.

Gregorchik said she turned around because she realized that she had left her wallet in the car. She said when she shut the car off, she set her car keys on top of her purse on the passenger seat, police said. Because she said her phone was in her purse, officers attempted to locate her cellphone with the iPhone’s “find my phone” app.

In the meantime, Gregorchik completed a stolen vehicle report with police.

The ping of the phone indicated to police that it was in the area of Third Street and Second Avenue. Police pointed out that Gregorchik’s address is 301 Second Ave., and once in that area, officers found her car parked along the 100 block of Third Street.

Police said the hood of the car was cold to the touch as were the brakes, an indication the car had not been driven recently. When police spoke to Gregor­chik’s boyfriend, who was asleep at the residence, he was able to find her purse inside the home. Inside the purse, the boyfriend found Gregorchik’s car keys and her cellphone.

Neighbors told police they saw Gregorchik leave her home with the child and start walking north on Third Street until they were out of sight. Police noted that it was about an hour before police arrived at the house that Gregorchik left on foot.

Police said Gregorchik appeared confused and continued to say she drove her car to the convenience store and would not have walked that far with the child. Gregorchik appeared to be under the influence of some sort of drug, and she told officers that between 3 and 4 p.m., she started to take one-half gram dose capsules of Kratom, a synthetic drug that is used to prevent withdrawal from opiates. From then until about an hour before calling 911, Gregor­chik took 30 of those pills while also taking Tylenol PM.

Gregorchik then told police she was unable to recall what happened from the time she walked out of her home until she arrived at the convenience store and that she believed she may have “blacked out” and walked about eight city blocks.

Police pointed out the walk from her home to the convenience store would have been on dimly lit or unlit streets with heavy traffic.

Gregorchik was charged by summons on Wednesday with misdemeanor counts of false reports to law enforcement and endangering the welfare of the child. A preliminary hearing at central court is scheduled for Oct. 7.


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