Police: City man gave false name

Report notes Maher “needed to stretch” for sobriety tests

An Altoona man suspected of DUI needed to stretch and warm up before he performed field sobriety tests, according to Altoona police.

It started just before 8 a.m. Nov. 3, when officers encountered Brenton T. Maher, 41, inside the Sheetz at Seventh Avenue and 17th Street after police were called about a suspicious man inside the store, according to charges filed by Altoona police.

Maher was standing at the coffee machines, and when officers approached and asked how he was doing, he told them he was waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up so they could get their day started. Police pointed out that Maher had “pin-point eyes and was slow to answer questions.”

Police contend when officers asked for his name, Maher first gave the name Adam Mayher with a birthdate of June 17, 1979. After 911 dispatchers advised no records came back for that name, Maher gave them the name of Adam Maher, again with the same birthdate. When that failed to produce any information, Maher again gave the name Adam Maher but changed the birthdate to June 21, 1979. Maher allegedly repeated that name and birthdate after nothing came back to it, and he was warned he could be charged if he was lying about his name, police said.

After an officer recognized him as having the last name Maher but not knowing his first name, Maher then told officers his name was Brenton Maher with the birthdate of June 21, 1978.

Police said a check of that name showed Maher was wanted on a Blair County Sheriff’s Office warrant and that his license was suspended.

Maher told police he had taken a Suboxone strip that morning, and when he was arrested and searched, an empty Suboxone wrapper was found in his pocket, police noted in the charges.

Then Maher asked the officers what would happen to his brother’s truck, prompting police to ask him if he had driven to the store. When Maher told officers he had driven, a check of the store’s video surveillance footage showed Maher pulling up to the gas pumps and getting out of a pickup truck that morning.

Police noted that when Maher agreed to perform field sobriety tests, “he needed to stretch and warm up by running in place,” Altoona police Patrolman Matthew Angermeier wrote in the charges.

After the field sobriety tests, police asked Maher if he would submit to testing by an Altoona police drug-recognition expert. Following that examination, Maher was deemed under the influence of drugs, police contend. Maher refused a blood test and was booked on drug DUI and identification to law enforcement, along with traffic citations that include driving under suspension. Police noted Maher has three previous driving with a suspended license convictions.

Maher was charged Friday with the counts to be sent by summons. A preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Ben Jones is scheduled for Dec. 18.


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