Tea party to discuss red flag laws

Attorney Dan Kiss will talk about red flag laws and the possibility of Blair County declaring itself a “Second Amendment sanctuary” at a Blair County Tea Party meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Bavarian Hall, 112 S. 13th St.

Kiss is an associate at the Law Office of Steven Passarello.

After shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, there have been proposals to include bans on “assault weapons,” red flag laws or extreme risk protection and expanded background checks.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order on Aug. 16 that creates an Office of Gun Violence Prevention and a Violence Data Dashboard as well as directing state police to expand its monitoring of hate groups online and in person.

House Republicans in PA have sponsored both expanded background check and ERPO bills. Under the ERPO bill, law enforcement or family members can present evidence that a person is a threat to themselves or others. A judge can issue an order immediately banning that person from possessing guns for up to 10 days before having a hearing. After the hearing, the ban can last three months. Risk criteria includes suicidal threats, recent violence, substance use, cruelty to animals and any information “the court finds to be reliable.”

In response, counties in Colorado, New Mexico and Illinois have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” County commissioners and sheriffs in these jurisdictions have promised to not enforce laws which violate the Second Amendment.

Kiss’ presentation is free and open to the public.


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