Roaring Spring woman accused of stealing checks

White allegedly stole from man she was helping with housework

From Mirror staff reports

A Roaring Spring woman faces 18 felony counts after police say she stole checks and used the credit cards of a man she did housework and other chores for in late 2018.

Tanya J. White, 38, of 404 Main St., remains free on an unsecured $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Thursday for her preliminary hearing on a total of 30 counts of forgery, access device fraud, theft and receiving stolen property, stemming from her alleged use of three credit cards and forged checks between December and February.

According to charges filed by Roaring Spring police, White worked for a Roaring Spring man for whom she did housework, helped pay his bills and take care of his mail. The man would give White money for the help, and in March he notified police that checks for a total of $130 he had written that were to be sent to his son and granddaughter, both who live in different states, were never mailed but ultimately were cashed.

The checks were cashed using White’s former married name and another $500 check was written out to a relative of White and subsequently cashed, police said.

Three credit cards belonging to the man were also used without his knowledge, and police said video surveillance, receipts and mailing records ultimately pointed to White.

The credit cards were used to charge a total of $600.11 at stores that included Walmart, Buckle and Lids.

Police said when White was questioned about the checks and credit cards, she initially claimed the man was aware of the charges on the cards and had given her permission to write the $500 check at Christmas because she was low on cash and was going to pay him back. Police noted that it was April 9 when police talked to White and she had not paid the man back, but she claimed she would that week.

White claimed she forgot to mail the Christmas cards with the two checks for the man’s relatives and then cashed them later, which prompted police to ask why she just didn’t send the cards late.

Police also pointed out that White claimed the shopping she did with the cards was for the man, but investigators pointed out that the stores where the cards were used, such as Buckle and Lids, didn’t match the kind of places the man would shop.

Police pointed out some of the shopping was done online and one purchase was from a woman’s clothing and jewelry site.

White was confronted with video of herself using the card at Walmart, where police said she spent $106.54, and receipts from stores at the Logan Valley Mall, and she ultimately confessed that the man did not know she was using the credit cards.

Police said White then confessed to using the cards and taking the checks.