Behind the desk: Morefield Communications

Name: Jonathan Mifflin

Address: 801 S. Kettle St. Altoona,

Telephone number: 814-944-3344

Email: info@morefield.com

Website: www.morefield.com

Position: Practice lead, cloud and carrier services

Years with company: 23

Family: Wife, Jessica Lippert; and three dogs: two Chihuahua mixes and a Boston terrier.

What products or services does your company provide? I cultivate relationships among our 400-plus suppliers, the Morefield team and our clients. Our purpose is to help organizations make smart technology decisions.

Who are your customers? We customize solutions for organizations in every industry, education and government, enhancing their communication, security, productivity and more. We believe in cultivating new technology in our communities and greatly value helping our local businesses succeed.

What is your business day like? Working under the pandemic has brought a change to my workday. Where I was accustomed to going into an office and meeting with clients, our offices are closed for now; we are working from home and most of our meetings are conducted over collaboration platforms like WebEx, MS Teams and Zoom.

What is the best business advice you have received? If you say that you are going to do something, make it happen. More importantly, if you cannot do something, do not commit to the activity. Basic accountability principle.

What is the most important thing you have learned on the job? Confidence. Thinking back to when I started, my focus then was do the best job I could without screwing something up. Throughout my career, I never passed on an opportunity to learn something new or lean into a challenge presented by a client. This mashup of experiences has demonstrated that although our clients are unique, many of the issues they face are resolved with a repeatable approach. What you learn in one engagement can be carried forward to help others with assurances of a predictable result.

What does the future hold? Looking ahead, most business tech will be consumed as a monthly subscription, allocated by employee seat and delivered over the top of an internet connection. Think MS Office365, Teams or in your personal life, NetFlix or Amazon Prime. Our clients are rethinking what they provide to employees in the new hybrid workplace; a laptop can support telephone calling, video conferences, email, chat, file sharing and line of business application access from anywhere.

What have you read lately that has influenced your business life? One of the more influential books on my business bookshelf is Matt Dixon’s “The Challenger Sale.” A recent book I picked up earlier this year is “It’s How we Play the Game” by Ed Stack, chairman and CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s a business origin story and provides great insight into the challenges and opportunities that come with running a business.

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