Dessert reinvents wine and dine

Winery, farm team up to launch alcoholic ice cream

Mirror photo by Patrick Waksmunski / Woody Lodge Winery assistant manager Ashley Angel samples their Strawberry Tipzy Cow Wine Ice Cream at the Ashville winery. Flavors also include Chocoholic Cherry, Bluesberry, BlackBerry Merlot and Spiced Apple.

ASHVILLE — Woody Lodge Winery continues to grow.

The winery, owned by Margie Keller and her son, John Gailey Jr., on Route 36 just south of Ashville, is now selling wine ice cream.

Woody Lodge is believed to be the first company in Pennsylvania to distribute wine ice cream, said Jennifer Eckinger, executive director of the Pennsylvania Winery Association.

“As a family, we decided to bring to life an idea our mother, Margie Keller, and Vale Wood Farms had about combining our wines and their cream,” said Ashley Angel, Woody Lodge assistant manager and event coordinator.

The plan had been in the works for a couple of years.

“We’ve always invited Woody Lodge Winery to our Pasture Parties — evenings on our farm with live music and food trucks. During one of these events, I was talking with John’s mom, Margie, about a dairy in New York that was able to sell wine ice cream. As two local family businesses, we thought this spark of an idea would be worthwhile to pursue someday. John’s return to his family business provided the energy to push this idea into reality,” said Carissa Itle Westrick, Vale Wood Farms spokeswoman.

“There was a good bit of red tape to wade through, but finally this little idea has become reality,” she added. “We’re excited to partner with Woody Lodge on this project and think the sky’s the limit for Tipzy Cow Wine Ice Cream.”

The “Tipzy Cow Wine Ice Cream” comes in five flavors: Chocoholic Cherry, Strawberry, Bluesberry, BlackBerry Merlot and Spiced Apple. They are $10 per pint container.

It is available only at Woody Lodge’s Ashville location.


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