Happy Martenitsa Day!

It’s the first day of March and that means Grandma Marta or Grandma March is sweeping away winter and helping spring emerge! It’s a month that is filled with lots of ups and downs when it comes to weather, so be prepared. For now, at least in our little part of the world, it’s pretty mild. Perhaps, it’s the in like a lamb out like a lion for this March 2021. I’m hoping this post finds you well and taking care of your self, family, friends and community. There is lots to be aware of with covid. I recently lost my uncle to this dreadful illness. So, I understand what some of you are feeling with loss of loved ones. I know my uncle was a devout man and believed in heaven. My uncle was Bulgarian and that is where the tradition Martenitsa came for me. I remember growing up and having relatives send us little packages with a martenitsa girl and boy figure or a red felt strawberry to pin to our shirt. Later, I found out you could make lovely twisted or braided bracelets to give as gifts. The idea is to give them away to your friends and family. They can wear them and keep them but the traditional thing is to put them on a tree (fruit) for a good crop to come. I put one on our door knob as well as made them for my family. In years where I substituted as a teacher, I would teach the kids to make them and give them to people (or keep them if they wanted to). It’s a lovely tradition and one I hope people will try sometime during the month of March. It’s a great way to remember Spring is on the way and the weather will get better. May is just around the corner!

There are lots of videos on making your own Martenitsa. Here’s one I like using as a guide.


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