Staying warm and making rice hand warmers

With the cold weather fully upon us, I thought I’d share an article on staying warm. Here’s the actual list of warm tips here. The ones that stand out is putting hand warmers in your pocket, starting a compost in your home and wearing a hat. Sometimes, the basics seem the most obvious, such as a hat. However, I admit I’ve forgotten a few times and am walking wondering why I feel so cold.

I would never have thought a compost in your home would give off warmth, but this makes total sense. Decomposing vegetation actually does give off heat and is a big risk in the summer time for those that compost huge amounts of vegatation and other materials. A small verson of a compost would give off heat. About 10 years ago, I visited Julian Woods Community which has a greenhouse/filtration system. Part of it was warmed by the compost. I’ve since seen various alternatives for heating with compost on youtube and have thought about trying this out for our greenhouse. Once, we have more time, this is going to be a priority. For now, a small bucket repurosed from cat litter or laundry soap, will do nicely.

The biggest tip I liked is the hand warmers. Having hypothyroidism, I have an issue with cold hands and this would be a big plus. However, buying hand warmers might get costly. Thankfully, my mom made me small cloth bags filled with rice. All I have to do is place them in the microwave for 30 second, flip and warm for another 30 and they are ready to place in my pocket. I love this as I can warm them up where ever there is a microwave. And they are very easy to make. Just take a piece of fabric about 6 inches and folded in half with the design on the inside. Sew up three sides. Reverse it so the design is on the outside. Pour in about 3/4 of rice. Stitch up the remaining side. And there you go. I found this little how to make a hand warmer very handy for those who like visuals.


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