Tyrone considers food trucks

Rule amended after local family’s flock was killed by bear

TYRONE — Borough Council this week amended an ordinance that regulates the keeping of chickens to include ducks.

It will, however, only allow one kind of fowl or the other.

Mayor Bill Latchford proposed the amendment on behalf of a family with ducks that was moving into the borough.

The family sent its ducks to live at a property outside the borough to avoid violating the law while awaiting the possibility of a change, Latchford said.

But before council took action, the family’s ducks were killed by a bear at their temporary residence, Latchford said.

“A sad story,” the mayor stated after a meeting in December.

Ducks are actually less offensive noise-wise than chickens, based on research he conducted, he said.

“You don’t need to worry about anything with ducks,” said then-Councilwoman Tammy Wills in December.

Borough Manager Ardean Latchford, the mayor’s brother, suggested not allowing property owners to keep both species at once.

Borough secretary Kim Gurekovich said in December that the borough gets lots of calls asking whether it’s OK to keep chickens, but none that she’s fielded about ducks.

The mayor said he hopes the ordinance expansion won’t lead to families acquiring ducks, tiring of them and then leaving them at the pond in Reservoir Park.

The ordinance requires a permit to keep chickens or ducks, limits the number of animals to six per property, all of which must be female; requires the animals be confined in a coop or run no bigger than 100 square feet but spacious enough to provide at least 4 square feet per animal; and prohibits any hazardous accumulation of feces.

Violations carry a fine of up to $100.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.


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