Fall Art

Hello, everyone! I hope all are doing well and staying healthy. There have been a lot of transitions lately with school, work and actions to make our environments safer. I honestly am impressed by the flexibility of our town and people to handle these times of crisis in a way that is both professional, kind and mindful of one another. It makes me proud to be in a place we can all work together and heal during the covid pandemic. I’m a believer in celebrating everyday actions. You’re all doing a great job, don’t give up and keep washing those hands, wear those masks and be proud in the fact that you are doing your part to end a pandemic.

In the mean time, I hope you’re feeling good as we hustle into Fall. It seems like it was just Spring and Summer! I hope you’re enjoying the cooler days even if our gas and electric bills start to climb, annoyingly. As a mom, I know wearing extra layers helps. No more tank tops. lol The weather seemed to change in one day and as the days shorten, the leaves have begun to tinge slightly from deep reds to yellow ochres. It truly is a beautiful time of year and what I call Fall art in nature. Speaking of which, if you are an artist or know of one who has some Fall themed art, send me an email and I will share your work here.

Yesterday, we took a drive to Prince Gallitzin and the leaves were still a lovely green but had just started to tip with colors. We stopped at Headache Hill and got to see the beautiful view of the lake and trees. Very refreshing after being cooped up. If you can plan a mini day trip like this, I would. I hope many people can get out for a little and admire our world especially with all the sad environmental disasters. It makes you appreciate what we have and want more people to have beautiful spaces to enjoy and protect. Keep practising isolation and be well, my friends.


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