World briefs

Discovered missile leads to weapons

ROME, Italy — Police said they have found more weapons in northern Italy following the discovery of an air-to-air missile and other arms days earlier.

Police said Saturday they had searched a second residence of one of the three suspects connected to the original cache.

A Turin-based anti-terrorism police squad said the latest search yielded a rifle, machete, a tripod for a machine gun, mortars and other weapons and ammunition.

Subway riders treated for gas on train

LONDON, United Kingdom — British police are searching for two young men suspected of releasing an irritating gas on a London subway train.

Authorities said paramedics treated a number of people for coughing and shortness of breath when the train stopped at Oxford Circus station.

British Transport Police said the victims’ symptoms suggested they had been exposed to CS gas, a component of tear gas that U.K. police forces carry to incapacitate suspects.

Migrants hurt after driver jumps off truck

SKOPJE, North Macedonia — Police in North Macedonia said 34 Afghan migrants were injured in a highway accident after the driver of a truck allegedly carrying them north toward Serbia jumped from the running vehicle while trying to escape a police patrol.

Police said Saturday that three of the passengers and the truck’s 24-year-old Macedonian driver suffered serious injuries. Children were among the injured.