Police: Man stabs, runs over woman

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man stabbed and then repeatedly drove over his estranged girlfriend, crushing her in a fatal attack as her suburban Philadelphia co-workers tried to help her early Friday morning, authorities said.

The attack was captured on surveillance cameras.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele choked up as he described the man driving over the woman “again and again and again” in a security firm parking lot in Whitemarsh about 16 miles north of Philadelphia. He said the suspect, Lawrence Crawley, set himself on fire after being pulled over by a Pennsylvania State trooper several hours later on the other side of the state. Crawley, 33, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Steele said several co-workers witnessed the attack on Angela Stith, 33, and tried to help her.

Authorities said Stith, who worked at Vector Security, was seen on camera leaving her office about 2:15 a.m. and heading to her car while texting someone. Steele said she had talked to and had texted the suspect recently.

Stith got into her car, and the suspect is seen in the footage smashing her driver’s side window in an effort to attack her. She fled out of the passenger side of her car and ran a short distance before the suspect caught her, beat her and stabbed her repeatedly.

Co-workers came out to try to help Stith, calling 911.

Meanwhile, Steele said Crawley got into his Chevy Suburban and drove over Stith, circling the parking lot and driving over her two more times as her co-workers watched, helpless to stop him.

Steele said Crawley turned the three-ton vehicle “into a weapon” before fleeing.

Steele said he planned to charge Crawley with first-degree murder and other charges and would ask to that bail be denied.