Dominican Republic

Homemade liquor kills 12, sickens 24

SANTO DOMINGO — Authorities in the Dominican Republic said at least a dozen people have died and 24 more have been hospitalized after drinking homemade liquor containing methanol.

Officials said the first deaths occurred last week and the remaining people recently became sick after drinking the same liquor during funerals for the initial victims.

The liquor is known as clairin and is made from sugarcane.


Visits a no-go after slide cuts off town

FRANKFURT — People in an Austrian mountain village are spending an unusually quiet Christmas holiday period after a rockslide cut off access to the town.

The dpa news agency reported Tuesday that some 150 people were stuck at home in Vals, about 25 miles south of Innsbruck after tons of rock and rubble slid off the nearby mountain on Sunday, Christmas Eve.

While they may have been unable to drive to the in-laws, it’s unlikely anyone in the valley is going hungry.


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