We have a winner, 2017 version

The MLB regular season has ended, and so has the blog’s annual Guess How Many Games The Pirates Will Win Contest.

This year’s contest went right to the final game and required the tiebreaker, which is predicting how many home runs the Pirates will hit.

The Pirates beat Washington on Sunday in the longest nine inning game in franchise history. That probably made for a late celebration at Travis Snowberger’s estate. Travis nailed the number (75 games) exactly, which sent everything to the tiebreaker because Byron Ferg had also correctly forecast 75 victories.

Travis predicted 142 home runs, which was just nine from the actual total of 151. Byron’s home run total was 95.

So the prize box will be headed to Travis as soon as I get his address, gather the merchandise and find the energy to put it all together. That could be a while, so ease his wait by addressing him as “Champ” if you find him hanging around Pop’s Soda Shoppe.

Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope we can do it again in March. Watch this space since I actually know how to post here now.


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