PIAA makes right decision with no-spectator policy

Sunday Sports Mailbag

I’m writing this in response to Neil Rudel’s column on July 31 advocating that parents be permitted to attend PIAA sporting events this fall.

I have been a track and field coach since 1978. I am currently the head girls track and field coach at Hughesville High School, a Class 2A school located east of Williamsport.

While I appreciate the importance of having family members watching their athletes, the PIAA is doing the right thing in the no-spectator policy.

In theory, four passes for immediate family could work, but it won’t. People will want exemptions for their friends, out-of-town relatives, etc.

The same mentality that propels the “you can’t tell me to wear a mask” will appear.

It will fall to administrators, athletic directors, security personnel, police, coaches, et. al, to be the bad guy and deny “Uncle Charlie, (and) Grandpa Jones’ girl friend,” from entry to the athletic event.

The attempt to complete a fall season is a difficult longshot, at best. Schools don’t need the additional burden of having to deal with spectator problems.

One blanket policy will remove this unwanted issue for the schools.

While I would love to see some semblance of normalcy in all 2020-21 sports, I am basing my judgment upon over 40 years of coaching and 35 years of teaching experience in dealing with passionate parents and guardians.

I hope for the best.

Rick Glenwright



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