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Syracuse played great football, too

I just read Cory Giger’s piece (March 19) on Pearl Washington and how he started following Syracuse.

Giger said that Washington put Syracuse on the national map.

I am sorry that none of his family members never mentioned Syracuse as the university that produced the greatest football player, Jim Brown. Then came Ernie Davis, then came Floyd Little and, of course, Larry Csonka.

I believe that while Washington did a fantastic job, albeit it was the televised Big East Tournaments and March Madness that brought a lot of unknown schools to the limelight.

Research shows that the great Dave Bing of basketball fame came to Syracuse before Pearl Washington.

Great article, though.

Russell Barton


Enjoying stories from sports archives

I’m enjoying the “From the Archives” piece in your sports section.

For many years I’ve perused through century old editions of the Altoona Mirror and Altoona Tribune looking for genealogy information but would always stop to read an article from long ago.

Writing styles have changed so much through the years and things in many ways seemed so much simpler back then.

If this proves to be a popular feature (as I think it will), you may want to consider doing a similar feature for the Sunday edition perhaps to supplement the “Yesteryear” segment?

Gerry Lowe



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