Feinstein’s work among personal favorites

My best wishes for everyone to stay safe and healthy.

It appears that spectator sports will be suspended for months, but I will continue my Ira on Sports show, and its focus will remain sports, even if no sports will be played.

I have had coaches and players from all sports as well as some of the top sports authors and writers, and will continue to have amazing guests going forward.

For instance, this week my guest was the most famous sports author in the world, John Feinstein, who discussed his new book, “the Back Roads of March.”

Unlike most sports talk show hosts, I actually read the books my guests write — which makes my interviews hopefully more interesting and informative.

If you are wondering what to do without live sports, I strongly suggest reading a great sports book.

Below is a list of authors I have had on my show and their books. I have loved reading each and every one of them.

Most of these books are excellent for young adults, and I suggest everyone read instead of playing video games all day long.

I obtained my love of sports from reading sports books with my mother (who to this day reads the books by the authors on my show).

Some authors I have interviewed:

John Feinstein — “Season on the Brink” and zillion other books, including “The Prodigy,” which is a perfect young adult fiction book about golf. Feinstein’s area of expertise is college basketball and golf.

Braylon Edwards — “Doing it my way,” from the NFL All-Pro and ex-great Michigan Wolverine.

Bob Stoops — “No Excuses,” from the former Oklahoma coach.

Billy Ripken — “State of Play,” from ex-MLB player and current MLB host.

Pat Williams — “The Magic of Teamwork,” from the Orlando Magic founder.

Dan Wetzel — “Glory Road,” about the 1966 Texas Western Miners and the Epic Young Adult Athlete books series — Steph Curry, Alex Morgan, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Simone Biles. These books are perfect for young adults.

John Eisenberg — “The League,” fascinating book about the history of the NFL. Eisenberg formerly wrote for the Baltimore Sun and now serves as the columnist for the Baltimore Ravens’ website.

Mark Leibovich — “The Big Game,” the best book I have ever read about the current NFL.

John Bacon — “Overtime,” about Michigan football.

Craig Ellenport — “NFL 100,” one of best NFL picture books of all time.

Randy Williams — “NFL at 100.”

George Howe Colt — “The Game,” about the 1968 Harvard-Yale Game. Simply amazing.

Michael Sokolove — “The Last Temptation of Rick Pitino.”

Dr. John Gelber — “Tiger Woods’ Back and Tommy John’s Elbow.” Just a sensational book about medical issues in sports.

Curt Sampson — “Roaring Back,” about Tiger Woods’ Masters win.

Steve Beaven — “We Will Rise,” about the Evansville basketball plane accident.

Danny Tarkanian — “Rebel with a Cause,” about his father, legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian.

Kaufman is an Altoona native, attorney and traveling sports fan. He hosts a Monday night radio show called “Ira on Sports,” that can be heard on FM95.9 and FM106.9 in West Palm Beach, Florida and is available on Sound Cloud and iTunes under Ira on Sports.


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