PSU performances raise doubt

Sunday Sports Mailbag


We Penn State fans have no idea where this football program is headed.

Fourth-quarter collapses, special-teams mistakes, difficulty beating the upper tier Big Ten teams, a mediocre bowl record and a number of players declaring for the draft, with some possibly a little too early, leaves many questions about James Franklin’s goal of becoming an elite program.

Yes, the recruiting is very good, but it’s what you do with that talent that propels a team forward into that higher level.

Are we fans overreacting and will Franklin lead us to the promised land of becoming that elite program we all wish for?

Dave Kule


Money driving PSU’s top programs

The state of Penn State’s 31 sports programs would get a rating of C.

It could be a lot lower if it were not for the finest collegiate wrestling team in the country under coach Cael Sanderson.

The Nittany Lions are going for their ninth NCAA crown in Sanderson’s 11th year. He did not come at a cheap price.

If it were not for some rich alumni who opened up their wallets, we would not have this outstanding coach and program.

Our men’s hockey team, which has already won a Big Ten championship and is sitting in the top 10 in the country, has been financed by outside sources.

We were endowed by two alumni from their lacrosse days at Penn State in the 1980s to build a complex for both men’s and women’s lacrosse teams and women’s field hockey team.

This new complex will draw better recruits for both sports programs.

The above examples are connected by a common denominator, and that is money. Money speaks volumes and equals success.

Les Hart



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