Irwin’s right: Wrestling deserves TV deal

Sunday Sports Mailbag

I am writing this as a result of Todd Irwin’s column on Flo Wrestling dropping the ball on delivering the Penn State-Oklahoma State match for the NWCA Dual Championship Series title to thousands of fans of high school and collegiate wrestling.

In short, there is no excuse, and Flo Wrestling should be dropped from this event in the near future.

Much of the blame also falls on the shoulders of the National Wrestling Coaches Association and the NCAA. They need to step forward and apologize to all fans of non-professional wrestling as they had the power to prevent Flo Wrestling from ever getting their greedy paws on the controls.

In the very near future, these two aforementioned bodies should step in and ensure that the NCAA Wrestling National Championship be aired on CBS or ESPN, especially the finals.

Thank you, Todd Irwin, for your guts to write this article.

Now, I believe firmly that the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the mecca of scholastic wrestling in the United States.

As someone who was raised in the state of New York and moved to Pennsylvania as a teenager, I learned quickly that Pennsylvania was a powerhouse in wrestling.

Having said that, I will also go on record that Penn State wrestling has the formula to become a dynasty as the cards are falling into place under coach Cael Sanderson.

Les Hart



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