Pirates, Dragons both getting to use Tiger Stadium

Mirror file photo Robbie Brantner (25) looks on as Williamsburg teammate Tyler Clark tries to escape a tackle against Claysburg-Kimmel.

Hollidaysburg won’t be playing at Tiger Stadium the next two weeks due to being idle this Friday and playing Central Mountain in the District 6 Class 5A title game next weekend.

But the lights will still be shining.

Holidaysburg athletic director and football coach Homer DeLattre has helped set up home games for a pair of Blair County schools the next two weeks.

Williamsburg will hold its senior night against West Branch at Tiger Stadium tonight at 7, and Central will play there next weekend as the home team in a District 6 Class 3A semifinal game against either Penn Cambria or Westmont Hilltop.

“With the revised guidelines that came out from the governor, based on our stadium capacity, it didn’t help us too much,” Williamsburg athletic director Bob Hearn said. “The new guidelines only allowed us to have about 300 people in the stadium. That includes players, coaches, chain crew and everyone who is associated with the game.

“We reached out to Hollidaysburg, and Homer said it was available. He’s really great to work with, and we’re very appreciative that we can play there. Instead of having 100 fans, this allows us to have 1,500 which will give us a lot more opportunity to have people come and watch the game.”

The Blue Pirates enter the game with a chance to improve their record to 3-3 after a pair of winless seasons. Williamsburg will play in the first round of the District 6 Class 1A playoffs next weekend.

“Williamsburg has always supported the football program here,” Hearn said. “Even years that we have struggled, fans still come to the games. It was tough this year. We were trying to do senior night this week and give the senior players, band and cheerleaders some more tickets and that meant we couldn’t get both parents there for our underclassmen. It’s nice that our players can get anyone there from their family that they want, and we can get more people in to watch our team play.

“The most important thing is to be safe, but it’s a big enough stadium that we can get more people there, West Branch can have some people come, and we all can watch some high school football and still be safe because of the size of the venue.”

Central, which is 5-0 going into Friday’s game against Penns Valley at Roaring Spring Athletic Field, opened the season with four road games and played in front of a small crowd last week against Clearfield in its home opener.

“We have only had one home game so far, and our people have just not been able to go to the games,” Central coach Dave Baker said. “None of them could go to the away games. We have a lot of people who have been coming to our games for 20, 30, 40 or 50 years. They couldn’t go. It’s good to be able to give them this opportunity if they want.”

Baker said the decision was not his but that he agreed with it to help more people see the game and because Central’s field wasn’t in great shape due to a lack of rain this summer.

“The reason was to allow more people to see the game,” Baker said. “If we played someone at our place, we basically could have about 100 people, but if we have it at Hollidaysburg, it’s many more times that. We can get a lot more of our people in to see the game.”


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