PSU fans get updates on parking

From Mirror reports

UNIVERSITY PARK — The Penn State athletic department has announced an update to 2019 football traffic and parking as well as plans to make improvements to several grass parking lots near Beaver Stadium.

Penn State announced traffic and parking changes last November, including the creation of four access zones, and earlier this year held four town halls to discuss the changes, gather feedback and answer questions from season ticket holders. Following discussion amongst Athletics and University officials, fans who park in Lots 14-18 (former Pink and Green lots) will be contacted by ICA and given the option to access their parking lot via Fox Hollow Road (North zone) or Atherton Street (West zone) onto Park Avenue for this Fall.

Following every home game, fans who park in Lots 14-18 will be required to exit via Park Avenue westbound toward Atherton Street during the one-way traffic pattern, which typically lasts approximately 60-90 minutes after a game concludes. Once the one-way out-bound traffic pattern ends, fans in all lots will be able leave the stadium vicinity via any route.

Prior to the August 31 season opener, Penn State will begin restoration and investing in upgrades to several grass parking lots controlled by ICA that will improve the parkability if grass lots become saturated. In other lots, gravel drive aisles will be installed to also improve the parkability. The vast majority, if not all of the improvements, are expected to be completed for the Fall.

More than 3,900 grass parking spaces, including Lot 43 (former Blue RV), will be impacted by the improvements for the upcoming and future seasons. The improvements include:

n The restoration of Lot 17 (former Green Stadium North) has already included the installation of drain tiles, that enabled the lot to remain open last season when other grass lots were forced to be closed due to wet conditions. Restoration has been completed in the grass area of Lot 17 adjacent to Stadium West Drive.

n The University will also be investing in a drive aisle reinforcement product in two lots to reduce the amount of rutting that occurs in the drive aisles. The reinforcement product will be placed in Lot 17 near the Pennsylvania State University sign and in the grass areas of Lot 18 (former Green Stadium West)

n Gravel drive aisles are being installed in sections of two lots to reduce rutting during wet conditions. The lots are 31 (former Purple) and 43 (former Blue RV). Penn State Athletics has submitted construction documents for review and permitting in order to make these upgrades.

The general parking selection process is expected to begin by April 30. Fans who had general parking on a season basis for the 2018 season and renewed those permits for the 2019 season will receive priority for the selection process.

Fans will receive a date and time via email in the coming weeks containing the earliest date and time they can access the selection process. Selection process times will be scheduled based on Nittany Lion Club point totals. Fans will be able to select lot assignments equal to the number of general parking permits renewed for the 2019 season during this time.

After that work has been completed, football season ticket holders who do not have season general parking in their account, or season ticket holders looking to purchase additional general parking permits, will have access to the selection process. That includes:

n Season ticket holders who have 1-4 season tickets can purchase a maximum of one general season parking permit.

n Season ticket holders who have 5-8 season tickets can purchase a maximum of two general season parking permits.

n Season ticket holders who have 9-12 season tickets can purchase a maximum of three general season parking permits.

Fans will receive email communication from Penn State Athletics in the near future asking if they have an interest in purchasing general season parking. In order to be eligible for the selection process, fans must confirm their desire to purchase general season parking upon receiving email communication from Penn State Athletics.

Again, selection times will then be communicated via email; selection process times will be scheduled based on Nittany Lion Club point totals.