Counting on Browns to erase last week’s bad day

By Barry Wilner

The Associated Press

Following a dismal week in which we missed on three of our categories, we would like to make it up to our pro football fans with an early holiday present.

We missed on the Best Bet, the Upset Special and the Knockout Pool last week so for what it’s worth, Pro Picks wants you to try Cleveland for your KNOCKOUT!


No. 24 New York Giants (–6) at No. 30 Cincinnati: Losing Joe Burrow for the season hurts the Bengals in so many ways. The Giants prosper … Best Bet: Giants, 23-10

No. 13 Arizona (–2) at No. 18 New England: A tough week to find a confidence-building upset. We’ll go with the pedestrian Patriots. Upset Special: Patriots, 21-20

No. 19 San Francisco (+7) at No. 5 Los Angeles Rams: We thought about this as our Best Bet, but this rivalry is bitter and usually means close games. Or not. Rams, 26-15

No. 16 Chicago (+7¢) at No. 6 (tie) Green Bay: We thought about this as our Best Bet, too, but this rivalry is bitter and usually means close games. Or not. Packers, 25-10

No. 11 Baltimore (+4¢) at No. 1 Pittsburgh Tuesday night: Many have pointed to this as the unbeaten Steelers’ strongest chance to lose. Not with what the Ravens are going through right now. Steelers, 27-16

No. 15 Miami (-7) at No. 32 New York Jets: Tua, Fitz or Ace Ventura at quarterback, we’ll go with the Dolphins against the winless Jets. Dolphins, 27-13

No. 22 Los Angeles Chargers (+5¢) at No. 5 Buffalo: This line seems particularly low, even if the Chargers are coming off a victory. The Bills aren’t the Jets, of course. Bills, 30-20

No. 6 (tie) Seattle (–5) at No. 25 (tie) Philadelphia, Monday night: Never mind what we said about the Eagles having control of the NFC Least. Seahawks, 27-23

No. 11 (tie) Las Vegas (-3) at No. 27 Atlanta: Could this be a letdown game for the Raiders? Guessing not. Raiders, 30-21

No. 2 Kansas City (-3¢) at No. 10 Tampa Bay: The week’s feature game, and one of the most intriguing all year with Mahomes taking on Brady. Chiefs, 30-27

No. 9 Tennessee (+4¢) at No. 6 (tie) Indianapolis: The winner of this AFC South matchup can pave its path to the playoffs. Colts, 23-21

No. 3 New Orleans (-6) at No. 21 Denver: The Saints have won seven in a row, while the Broncos have been up and down for the past seven — and beyond. Saints, 27-24

No. 14 Cleveland (-6¢) at No. 31 Jacksonville: Cleveland handles the bad teams, even if it often looks ugly (see Houston, Philadelphia and Dallas wins). Browns, 33-16

No. 20 Carolina (+4¢) at No. 17 Minnesota: Minnesota really stuck itself with those Vikings horns last week. Vikings, 28-20

2020 RECORD — Last Week: Straight up: 7-7. Against spread: 5-6; Season: Straight up: 105-55-1. Against spread: 80-69-4; Best Bet: Straight up: 9-2. Against spread: 7-4; Upset Special: Straight up: 4-7. Against spread: 4-5-2


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