Pirates or the Tigers?: World championship baseball games start today

Both teams

are confident

Immense seating capacity of Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, entirely too small to accommodate the thousands who wish to view contest — Great crush when general admission ticket offices are opened this morning — Pittsburgh filled with visitors.

PITTSBURGH — The eyes of the baseball world are turned on Pittsburgh today, for the Pirates and Detroit Tigers, winners of the National and American League pennants, respectively, battle this afternoon in the first game of the series which will give one or the other the proud title of “World’s Champions.”

Pittsburgh fans have long awaited this day, and Forbes Field, the home of the local baseball club, will inclose within its walls and fences the largest gathering that ever paid to witness a ballgame. The immense triple-decker grand stand, with its more than 18,000 reserved seats, was entirely sold out nearly a week ago, and thousands of persons, unable to secure seats, were lined up at the admission gates this morning when the ticket offices opened. The very early ones had a four-hour wait before the game commenced, and many brought lunches.

An array of police is at the grounds this morning to handle the crowds. Superintendent Thomas A. McQuaide and assistant superintendent Edward J. Kennelly have spent weeks in making preparations and assisting inspector Milton E. Balley of the Oakland district.

The widespread interest in this blue-ribbon sporting event is attested by the presence of hundreds of persons from all parts of the country. Every big city from the Atlantic Coast to Denver is represented, while smaller places within a few hours’ riding distance of Pittsburgh have sent large delegations.

With the exception of Howard Camnitz, Pittsburgh’s premier twirler, the Pirate team is in good shape, and manager Fred Clarke says they will fight for every point. Camnitz has had an attack of quinsy.

Manager Hugh Jennings and his Detroit team arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday and had light practice during the afternoon at Forbes Field. Jennings reports his team in fine condition and fit for the battle.

The lineup for today’s game will probably be as follows:

Pittsburgh — Byrne, third base; Leach, middle field; Clarke, left field; Wagner, shortstop; Miller, second base; Abstein, first base; Wilson, right field; Gibson, catch; Adams, pitch.

Detroit — D. Jones, left field; Bush, shortstop; Cobb, right field; Crawford, middle field; Moriarity, third base; Delehanty, second base; Tom Jones, first base; Schmidt, catch; Mullin, pitch.


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