DOH reports rabid deer found in Portage

The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Friday reported a rabid deer was found near the Crichton McCormick Park area of Portage Borough on April 25.

Anyone with a bite or other significant human exposure to the saliva or central nervous system fluid from this animal should contact the Cambria County State Health Center at 1-877-PA HEALTH.

The department offers the following advisories:

n Anyone with a pet injured by this animal should contact a veterinarian for advice about protecting you and your family.

n Make sure that all pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) that can be vaccinated are currently vaccinated against rabies since other animals in the area may develop rabies.

n Avoid contact with all wild or stray animals especially bats, raccoons, foxes and skunks.

Significant human exposure is any bite, scratch or other situation in which saliva or central nervous system tissue of a potentially rabid animal may have entered an open wound, fresh wound or comes in contact with the mucous membranes by contacting the eye, mouth or nose.

Touching or handling a potentially rabid animal or another animal or inanimate object that has had contact with a rabid animal does not constitute an exposure unless wet saliva or CNS tissue may have entered a fresh, open wound or had contact with a mucous membrane.

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To ensure public safety, two roads located on State Game Lands 108 in Dean Township, Cambria County, will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning Monday.

Both roads, which are normally open for vehicular traffic during spring gobbler season, must be closed due to contracted road maintenance which involves heavy equipment. They will be closed for the duration of spring gobbler season.

The first closure, locally referred to as Dougherty Road, accessed off of Wopsy Road, is 2.2 miles east of the village of Dysart. This closure will involve a 0.4-mile section of road starting at gate 108-24.

The second closure, locally known as Green Springs Road, also accessed off of Wopsy Road, is 2.6 miles east of Dysart. This closure will involve 2.8 miles of road starting at gate 108-27.


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