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HUNTINGDON — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Raystown Lake recently announced the enrollment of project lands in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Deer Management Assistance Program, with two DMAP units established for the 2018-2019 deer hunting season.

DMAP Unit 2831 includes all Corps-owned land to the west of the lake, covering a total of 14,496 acres, and has 307 DMAP allocated coupons. DMAP Unit 2832 includes all Corps-owned land to the east of the lake, covering a total of 5,144 acres, and has 206 DMAP allocated coupons. The additional tags are intended to assist in matching deer populations to the carrying capacity of the land on which they exist.

DMAP coupons for both units will be available from any license issuing agent or the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Outdoor Shop web page at www.theoutdoorshop.state.pa.us. The Corps will NOT be distributing coupons to walk-in or mail-in applicants. Each DMAP coupon allows for the harvesting of one antlerless deer during the 2018-2019 hunting season. Maps of DMAP Units 2831 and 2832 will be available at the Raystown Lake ranger office or can be printed directly from www.nab.usace.army.mil/Missions/Dams-Recreation/Raystown/Natural-Resources/.

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. — The health of the entire Chesapeake Bay is showing unprecedented signs of improvement as undersea grasses spread and the blue crab population increases.

The University of Maryland said Friday that the bay’s overall condition is trending upward for the first time since the school began issuing report cards on bay health 12 years ago.

The university’s Center for Environmental Science gave the nation’s largest estuary an overall C grade for 2017, the same grade it has received each year since 2015. But researchers see significantly improving trends in several regions — proof, they say, that efforts to reduce pollution by states in the watershed are working.

In particular, the report card shows aquatic grasses returning, to the largest extent ever recorded.

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YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. — Yosemite National Park says the largest sequoia grove is ready to open to the public after crews completed a restoration project to protect the nearly 500 ancient trees.

Park officials say Mariposa Grove, a 4-acre (1.50-hectare) habitat of the towering reddish-brown trees, will open Friday after being closed for three years.

Crews removed asphalt to protect roots and help water better flow to ancient sequoias, built 4 miles (6 kilometers) of trails, and added bridges and boardwalks over sensitive areas.

Officials say one of the goals of the $40 million restoration project is to help the old trees thrive for future generations.


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