Tyrone Legion tries to defend crown

Mirror photo by Patrick Waksmunski / Tyrone Legion starter Kevin Lehner.

From Mirror reports

The 10-team George B. Kelley Junior Baseball Federation will open play on Saturday with five games scheduled.

Defending league champion Tyrone Legion would appear to be the early favorite in the league, having all but one key player return from last year.

Tyrone Legion swept Martin Oil in three games in last year’s championship series.

The league will be split into two divisions this year with teams from Tyrone, Bellwood, Claysburg, Patton and Hollidaysburg in the Porter Division, and the other five will make up the Stout Division.

Here is a rundown of each of the teams:

Barton’s Plumbing & Heating

Manager: Jason Grove

Last year’s record: 12-8, lost in the semifinals

Returning players: Simon Adams p-inf.; Nathan Bettwy c-1b-3b; Ben Dombrosky p-inf.; Luke Grove p-of-1b; Bryce Helmer p-1b; Nathan Hibbs p-inf.; Brady Hibbs p-inf.; Sean Larson of-1b; Zach Metzger of; Blaise Pierce inf.-c; Adam Zimmerman p-of

Newcomers: Nate Anderson c-p-1b; Owen Dombrosky inf.-of-p; Christian Fochler 1b-of; Dylan Hayford 1b-of; Gabriel Herman inf.-p-c; Zach Manna of; Hunter Marty 1b; Mark McCoy of; Scott McGonigle c; Nick Negola inf.; Mitchell Swineford inf.-of-p; Alan Wedel inf.-p

Overall outlook: “We have a large roster this season with a great mix of 18-year-olds returning from last season and a good group of new guys joining us for their first Federation experience. Since the pandemic cut some of our senior players’ high school baseball careers short, our hope is to blend that pent-up energy, fresh arms and experience with the new talent into a successful playoff run this season. We are excited for what the season has in store and a great future for Hollidaysburg baseball in Kelley Federation.”

Howard Hanna Real Estate

Manager: Mike Alexander

Last year’s record: 6-13

Returning players: Donnie Moyer inf.-p; Adam Sinisi p-c; JT Teeter inf.-of; Josh Bardelang p-c-inf.; Trevor Manley inf.-p; Garrett Veckov inf.-of; Tyler Chipperfield of; Evan Sanders inf.-of-p; Mason Criswell of; Erik Rhodes of-p; Matt Moyer inf.-p; Andrew Griener inf.-p

Newcomers: Xander Boychuk c-of; Josh Merritts inf.-of; Riley Parks inf.-of; Landon Hauser of; Josh Snowden of; Rocky Dennis of

Outlook: “Howard Hanna has a good mixture of new and returning players.We are hoping this mixture is enough to get us back to the playoffs.”

Martin Oil

No information provided.

Park Home

Manager: Scott McClellan

Last year’s record: 12-5, lost in the semifinals

Returning players: Michael Turiano ss-p; Brenden Baney of-1b-p; Joe DeRubeis c-2b-p; Hunter Freidenberger of-p; Kayden Tremmel 1b-of; Aaron Carothers 3b-ss-c-p; Nic Folcarelli 2b-3b-dh-p; Paine Savoy of; Liam McGregor of

Newcomers: Ethan Clouser inf.-p; Landon Fagan 3b-2b-of; Jacob Baney 2b-of; Coleton Geibel 1b-p; Brayden Hoover 3b-ss-p; Trey Leonard of-c-3b; Dylan Igoe of-2b; Brayden Molina of-c-inf.

Outlook: “Hope to be competitive and make playoffs.”

Patton Legion

Manager: Randy Choby

Last year’s record: 11-8

Returning players: Ryan Bearer p-ss; John Todd Elias 2b; Adam Ford p-1b; Kaleb Hilyer 1b; Zack Letso of; Nick Painter of; Hunter Yeckley 3b

Newcomers: Owen Bougher ss; Mike Hoover c; Ethan Krawcion 2b; Josh Miller p-1b; Matt Sedlock of; Ty Stockley c; Evan Wiewiora p-c; Jordan Wise 3b-1b; Adam Yachtis p-1b; Josh Yachtis 3b

Outlook: “Good group of returning players along with a good group of newcomers. Newcomers have done a good job of adapting to what we do, and returners have done a great job of welcoming them. It seemed that wherever we felt that we needed some help, a newcomer filled right in superbly. This group really loves their baseball. I am truly glad that they will get a chance to play. My two new coaches have added tremendously to the program. We expect to be competitive this year.”

Re/Max Realty

Manager: Erik Wardrop

Last year’s record: 5-11

Returning players: Chase Adams, Joe Saylor, Cam Mauk, Shane Temple, Ehren Hatch, Ray Verbonitz, Cam Maloney, Garrett Rossman, Dylan McNelly, Ronin Barnes, Nate Kerr, Nate Belardi, AJ Weaver, Steve Hartman

Newcomers: Tyreke Green, Hunter Rossman, Jacob Hammel, Justin Fleck, Lucas Berkheimer, Andan Clingerman

Overall outlook: “We have a new coaching staff and had a great draft, so we plan to have a very successful season.”


Manager: Andrew Scalice

Last year’s record: 8-10, lost in first round of playoffs

Returning players: Mike Boston inf.,; DJ Bradley of; Marcus Day of; Dalton Gochnaur inf.; Brayden Harbaugh inf.-of; Drew Hileman of; Jack Hileman of; Sam Homan of; Brendan Kuhns inf.; Jared McCall inf.; Wes McCall c-of; Lambert Palmer inf.; Josh Scalice c-of; Lane Sell of; Brady Shehan 1b-of; Ethan Watters of; Kyle Wilson inf.

Newcomers: Shane Brantner 1b-of; Jacob Detwiler c-inf.; Rowan Gorsuch inf.-of; Dylan Hartman inf.; Trevor Palladini 1b-of; Gauge Reighard of

Overall outlook: “We return a solid nucleus of players, and we added more talent in the draft. We have high expectations for this summer, but as always, it’ll come down to which teams have the most quality pitching and can play consistent defense.”

Shirley’s Cookie Company

Manager: John Kennedy

Last year’s record: 9-9, lost in first round of playoffs

Returning players: Corey Chamberlain ss-p; Evan McDonald 1b; Parker Dibert c; Caleb Oakes of-p; Connor Oakes 2b; Zach Campagna 2b; Hayden Ickes p; Kyle Glass ss-3b-p; Nate Helsel of; Ethan Diehl 3b-p; Jacob Weakland of-p; Pressten Imler ss-3b; Bryce Kennedy 3b; Hunter Emmrick 1b

Newcomers: Parker Buell 2b; Wyatt Buell 3b; Gabe Weyandt inf.-of; Aiden Simpson 1b; Derek Weaver of; Seth Musselman 1b

Overall outlook: “We look to have a great season. We have 14 returning players and six newcomers. Amongst our 20 players, five are 2020 graduates. With recent events, our kids are even more determined to go out and play hard, but most importantly, have fun.”

Stuckey Automotive

Manager: Mike Schnarrs

Last year’s record (as ProActive Sports): 4-16

Returning players: Zach Boslet of-p; Trevor Whetstine; Baylon Casteel; Talon McKendree; Brennan Baughman; Zachary Harshbarger p-inf.; Skyler Ketrow; Ryan Naglowsky; Nick Castillo p-of; Brendan Shaffer c; Jake Ebersole; Joe Levri; Cam Passarello

Newcomers: Broc Schnarrs p-of-inf.; Tanner Schnarrs of-p; Jordan Schnarrs p-1b-2b; Ethan Hileman; Caeden Clapper; Jamen McCabe; Nate Empson; Justin Brown

Overall outlook: None provided

Tyrone Legion

Manager: Jim Lang

Last year’s record: 15-4, won the championship

Returning players: Andrew Pearson cf; Matt Savino of-inf.; Kevin Lehner p-inf.-of; Michel Stoner 3b; Nic Light p-1b; Brandon Lucas 3b-p; Bryce Hunter of-p; Blaine Hoover 2b-of; Micheal Buck c; Rodney Shultz p-ss; Dillion Vipond of; Luke Brooks inf.-c; David Lang inf.-p; Jesse Yingling of-p; Nick Lehner 3b-p; Aden Colman p-of

Newcomers: Brenden Grazier 1b-p; Ross Gampe 1b-p; Zack Legars of-p-c; Caiden Bonsell inf.; Deegan Baldoff inf.-of

Outlook: “We are returning everyone except one key player (Cory Lehman). So even though he was a key member, our goals will always stay the same — get better every day and compete for a championship. But its is great to just play ball. Thank God.”

Kelley Federation


Howard Hanna Real Estate 0-0

Park Home 0-0

Re/Max Results Realty Group 0-0

Sheetz 0-0

Stuckey Automotive Collision Center 0-0


Barton’s Plumbing & Heating 0-0

Martin Oil 0-0

Patton Legion 0-0

Shirley’s Cookie Company 0-0

Tyrone Legion 0-0


Park Home vs. Howard Hanna, at Stout, noon

Martin Oil vs. Patton Legion, at Juniata, noon

Sheetz vs. Re/Max at Stout, 2:30

Tyrone Legion vs. Shirley’s Cookies, at Juniata, 2:30

Barton’s Plumbing & Heating vs. Stuckey Automotive, at Stout, 5


Stuckey Automotive vs. Patton Legion, at Stout, 2:30

Barton’s Plumbing & Heating vs. Martin Oil, at Stout, 5


Howard Hanna vs. Sheetz, at Vets, 5:30

Park Home vs. Re/Max, at Vets, 8


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