Area high school baseball capsules

Mirror file photo Senior Kevin Lehner and the Tyrone baseball team are coming off an 18-4 season.

Editor’s note: The fate of the spring scholastic sports season is very much in doubt due to the coronavirus. The Mirror is publishing the preview capsules to at least recognize the athletes who are part of the various teams throughout the region:


Coach: Tom Smith, 19th season

Career record: 174-174

Last year’s record: 10-9

League: Central Penn League

Returning starters: Senior — Brendan Kuhns (inf.-of). Junior — Marcus Day (of). Sophomore — Aidan Steinbugl (inf.-p).

Other returning players: Seniors — Joe DeRubeis (c), Brandan Baney (of), Joe Saylor (inf.), Cameron Mauk (inf.-p), Donnie Moyer (inf.-p), Zach Boslet (of). Junior — Trevor Manley (inf.).

Newcomers: Senior — Nick Casillo (p). Juniors — Nick Folcarelli (inf.-dh), Tyreke Green (of), Garrett Rossman (inf.-p), Trey Leonard (c-of), Kyle Wilson (inf.-p), Aaron Carothers (c-p). Sophomores — Lucas Muffie (inf.-p), Eric Rhoades (p-of), Matt Moyer (p-of).

Strengths: “Some very dedicated players who put in the necessary work to play at this level.”

Concerns: “Lack of experience, especially in the varsity pitching area.”

Overall outlook: “We always want to compete for a district championship. We have come up short numerous times recently vs. State College. The goal is to find a way to be playing our best ball in late May.”

Assistant coaches: Ryan Beasom, Troy Pincherri, Jake Hargreaves. JV: Jim Kulik, Justin Perino

Junior high coaches: Cam Kyle, Matt Smearman, Cahil Carey, Jarrod Prugar, Paul Neatrour, Jeremy Stroup


Coach: Adam Arnold, second season

Career record: 12-9

Last year’s record: 12-9 (8-7 in LHAC)

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Jesse Arnold (p-1b-3b), Drew Hall (2b). Juniors — Jared Dowey (p-cf), David Gresh (p-of), Ashton Dull (c). Sophomore — Mercury Swaim (ss).

Other returning players: Seniors — Chaz Lankey (of-p), Keegan Houck (2b). Juniors — Dayne Miller (of), Joey Koontz (of), Spencer Ebersole (inf.), Brett Wilson (1b), Jesse Chamberlain (3b).

Newcomers: Senior — Jared Turner (1b). Juniors — Hunter Cessna (utl.), Logan Carpenter, (utl.), Mike Huffman (p-of), Bo Pensyl (of). Sophomores — Aiden Kirk (p-of), Sam Pratt (of).

Strengths: “We return a lot of experience from a district championship (D5-9 3A) team last year. Those core guys have experienced championship-level play in the fall and winter sports and we look to continue that level of competition and success in the spring. It’s always challenging playing in the LHAC, but we cherish the opportunity to play in one of the best baseball conferences in the state.”

Concerns: “Improving our offensive and defensive efficiency from last year. We took strides in the right direction last year, but we need to see continuous commitment to improving on a daily basis.”

Overall outlook: “We look forward to competing in the LHAC and look forward to the challenges that presents. The student athletes have high expectations of themselves as do the coaches. We are excited to hit the field and play ball.”

Assistant coaches: Tyler Black, Scott Waugerman, Matt Barkman, Mark Clark, Lance Clark, Jordan Mills, Pastor Ric VanDine


Coach: Steve Conlon, 18th season

Career record: 226-138

Last year’s record: 13-8 (11-3 in ICC)

League: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors — Travis Luensmann (p-ss), Troy Walker (1b), Mark Stewart (p-ss), John Kost (of), Dallas Hollen (3b). Juniors — Dylan Barr (2b), Joe Dorminy (of). Sophomore — Jack Luensmann (p-of-dh).

Other returning players: Juniors — Owen Shedlock (p-1b-of), Arik Shildt (p-2b), Jake Bollinger (c), Logan Mock (of-1b). Sophomores — Brandon Cherry (of), Cooper Guyer (dh-c), Connor Gibbons (of), Alex Kovac (1b), Zach Pellegrine (p-inf), Jake Martin (of), Caden Noel (of), Kyler Sweigert (inf).

Newcomers: Senior — Corey Johnston (inf,-of). Junior — Zach Miller (p-1b). Freshmen — Dominic Daughenbaugh (of), Hunter Foor (p-of), Nicholas Kost (of-p), Canyon Neyman (of), Andrew Nycum (3b-c-1b), Eli Pluebell (c-3b-1b).

Strengths: “We return a solid group of players that have put a tremendous amount of effort in the offseason. This team has a ton of senior leadership which will be needed as we progress through the season.”

Concerns: “Staying healthy all year.”

Overall outlook: “We had a tremendous turnout during our winter workouts. This group of players is extremely dedicated to the game. If they continue to work hard to improve each day, I believe we will have a promising and rewarding season.”

Assistant coaches: Tom Partner, Nate Plummer, Chris Walker

Bishop Carroll

Coach: Bill Schenk, fifth season

Last year’s record: 8-10

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Danny Nealen (p-of), Hunter Dumm (p-of), Mason Beisinger (inf.), Max Kline (1b-p), Jake Zazvrskey (inf.).

Strengths: “Hopefully some of the seniors can step into leadership roles and lead by example and help the freshmen and sophomores.”

Concerns: “Lost six seniors who started since they were freshmen.”

Overall outlook: “It will be a rebuilding year, but we’re looking to improve from the first day until the end of the season. I’m also expecting a big season from Jake Zazvrskey, who will be a four-year letterman.”

Assistant coaches: Justin Merryweather, Herb Gotshall

Bishop Guilfoyle

Coach: Tommy Williams, second season

Career record: 14-6

Last year’s record: 14-6

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Ben Dombrosky (inf.-p), Gaige Reighard (of), Sammy Homan (of-p). Juniors — Austin Lewis (inf.-p), Michael Boston (inf.-c).

Other returning players: Juniors — Brayden Harbaugh (inf.-of), Michael Lamb (of). Sophomores — Mitchell Swineford (inf.-p), Deven Wyandt (inf.-of-c), Devyn DeGennaro (inf.-p), Jacob Siford (of).

Newcomers: Senior — Jack Donahue (of). Juniors — Dalton Gochnaur (inf.-c-p), Dylan McNelly (p-inf.-of), Adrian Johnson (of). Freshmen — Cooper Rother (inf.-p), Austin Beauchamp (inf.-p).

Strengths: “Pitching and defense.”

Concerns: “Depth and replacing a couple of key positions from last year.”

Overall outlook: “We expect a good year. We have some key starters returning from last year as well as some talented newcomers. We believe our younger kids will step in to fill the void of our graduating seniors from last year.”

Assistant coaches: Jim Boston, Darren Lewis, Chris Reighard, Craig Swineford, Shannon Harbaugh, Dale Rogers

Cambria Heights

Coach: Josh Bracken, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: 2-17

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Tyler Trybus (inf.-p), John Elias (inf.). Juniors — Ryan Bearer (inf.-p), Cody Schreyer (of-p), Hunter Yeckley (c). Sophomore — Adam Ford (of-p).

Other returning players: Seniors — Keith Hunter (of), Nicolas Painter (of), Nathan Rowland (inf.), Zach Stiles (inf.-p). Juniors — Zack Letso (of-p), Hayden Malloy (inf.). Sophomore — Nick Patterson (inf.-p).

Newcomers: Senior — Andrew Grozanick (inf.). Junior — Matt Davis (of). Sophomores — Tyler DellaValle (inf.-of), Ben Hite (inf.), Isaac Westrick (utl.-p). Freshman — Ty Stockley (c).

Strengths: “We have some guys with varsity experience who understand the level of competition we’ll be facing on a daily basis, particularly in conference play. To add, we’ve got a coachable group of guys who are anxious to compete.”

Concerns: “Playing well early on and keeping our pitchers ready to roll as the schedule changes throughout the course of the season.”

Overall outlook: “Our goal is to play competitive baseball each time we hustle out on the field. We’re looking to be in some tight games and overcome any growing pains along the way. This group has committed to working hard each day, which helps as we turn to some inexperienced players to step up. Overall, we look forward to the season ahead.”

Assistant coach: Nate Bearer


Coach: A.J. Hoenstine, 13th season

Career record: 207-96

Last year’s record: 11-10

Conference: Mountain League

Returning starters: Seniors — Jacob Eberlin (p-3b), Jacob Ebersole (p), Jason Ferry (p). Juniors — Leyton Kling (p-of), Hunter Klotz (c). Sophomores — Devon Boyles (p-1b-3b), Tyler Helsel (p-of), Paxton Kling (p-ss).

Other returning players: Senior — Blake Detwiler (of). Juniors — Tanner Ebersole (of), Tanner Hall (p-3b), Garrett Veckov (of). Sophomores — Jacob Detwiler (p-c), Kenny Imler (p-of), Tyler Oakes (p-3b), Jonah Snowberger (p-1b).

Newcomers: Sophomore — Parker Gregg (of). Freshmen — Luke Bettwy (p-utl.), Trenton Butler (p-of), Mason Conrath (p-1b), Geoffrey DePetro (p-3b), Kaden Fisher (p-of), Dakota Friedenberger (of), Jeff Hoenstine (p-ss), Eli Lingenfelter (p-of), Tim McFarland (p-of), Dalton Metzger (p-utl.), Kaleb Mountain (p-utl.), Nick Wiedemer (p-1b).

Strengths: “We have a solid group of starters returning. Many of them have worked really hard in the offseason in the weight room, in the cages, and playing other sports. Our team will play as hard as they can like always and control what they can control. I like the way how some of the younger guys are competing right now and pushing for spots. Our defense is shaping up to be one of the best we have had, but they still need to prove themselves come game time. Our overall team speed should be outstanding as well.”

Concerns: “We have a lot of potential on the pitcher’s mound, but we need guys to step up, demand the baseball and do their job. With the defense we have, throwing strikes will be critical. We will still be extremely young playing against many well-seasoned Mountain League teams.”

Overall outlook: “Our league will be tougher than it has ever been. We hope to keep working hard in practice and finding the right mix of players as there is a lot of competition for jobs. We will get better as the season progresses and hope to be playing our best baseball at the end of the year to compete for league, district, and state titles.”

Assistant coaches: Joe Logan, Dave Hoenstine, Garrett Miller, Zach Slagenweit, Larry Snowberger, Micah Lingenfelter, Jason Oakes, Rick Butler, Monte Smith, Ryan Slagenweit

Central Cambria

Coach: Joe Klezek, fifth season

Last year’s record: 6-10

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Dylan Bloom (of), Zach Malay (inf.-p), Carter Seymour (of-p). Juniors — Jared Bogus (c), Nate Wyrwas, (inf.-p). Sophomores — Will Westrick (inf.-p).

Other returning players: Seniors — Alec Gabrielson (3b-p), Joey Cavalier (p-1b), Joey Gergely (of), Ayden Stiffler (utl.-p). Juniors — Corey Roberts (p), Sam Billetdeaux (utl.-p), Colton Lane (c-of-p), Dom Larose (inf.), Garrett Heeney (c-inf.), Dewayne Mosley (of-p), Ethan Frank (inf.-p). Sophomores — Gavin Knopp (inf.-p), Nick Hrapchak (inf.), Brayden Mennett (utl.-p).

Newcomers: Senior — Nolan Johnson (utl.). Sophomore — Zander Washko (utl.-p). Freshmen — Brady Sheehan (utl-p), Logan Thomas (utl.), Corbin Vrabel (of), Elijah Villareal (inf.), Zach Taylor, (of-p), Isaiah Streets (of), Kaylob Walker (c), Sammi Brunatti (of-p).

Strengths: “Probably a little faster and more athletic collectively than we have been in the past, so we’re excited to see what kinds of options that may potentially open up both offensively and defensively for us.”

Concerns: “As always, the weather determines a lot of the time the trajectory of your season. Playing four or five games during a given week doesn’t just impact those individual days, but a lot of what happens the following week.”

Overall outlook: “I like the way this group has approached the beginning of this season. We have a nice mix of guys that have been around for a while with younger guys that are going to step in and contribute right away, and their workman-like attitude and attention to detail has been very nice to see. We played in some meaningful games for the first time in a while last season, and we’ll be looking for the guys who were integral to helping us make that run last year to instill and carry over that competitive nature that comes with making a push toward the playoffs.”

Assistant coaches: Jon Serenko, John Ostinowski, Clint Gochnour

Chestnut Ridge

Coach: Ron Kakabar, first season

Career record: 0-0

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Rhett Frazier (p-inf.), Gryphan Callihan (p-inf.). Juniors — Luke Mickle (p-of), Lucas Nicodemus (p-inf.). Sophomores — Matt Whysong (of), Trevor Weyandt (inf.-c).

Other returning players: Seniors — Landon Ickes (inf.-c), Travis Mock (p-inf.), Kam Clapper (c-inf.), Seth Williams (of), Kaden Bowser (inf.-of), Brady Grahm (inf.-p), Colby Miller (of-p). Juniors — Kyle Lohr (inf.-p), Wyatt Wigfield (of), Jett Guyer (of). Sophomores — Gage Dunlap (inf.-p), Aiden Schyler (inf.).

Newcomers: Freshmen — Jovanni Hillegas (of), Joey Davis (of-inf.), Robert Schneider (of), Brent Holderbaum (of), Trey Mock (inf.-p), Christian Hinson (inf.-p), Andrew Barbee (inf.-p), Tim Harter (inf.).

Strengths: “Senior leadership, strong core of starting pitching, game experience.”

Concerns: “Filling the void from last year’s starters, playing in a strong baseball conference.”

Overall outlook: “Strong leadership and experience to help us go deep into the playoffs.”

Assistant coach: Jim Skiles


Coach: Justin Harris, 12th season

Career record: 114-93

Last year’s record: 14-7 (10-3 in ICC)

Conference: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors — Kyle Glass (p-inf.), Connor Oakes (2b), Kobe Harr (of), Hayden Ickes (p). Juniors — Corey Chamberlain (p-inf.), Parker Dibert (c-of).

Other returning players: Senior — Seth Musselman (1b-dh). Juniors — Evan McDonald (1b), Tyler Taylor (of).

Newcomers: Senior — Nathaniel Helsel (of). Sophomores — Wyatt Buell (inf.-p), Ethan Diehl (p), Dante Francona (c), Pressten Imler (inf.-of-p), Bryce Kennedy (inf.), Jacob Weakland (of-p), Caleb Oakes (of-p).

Strengths: “Experience, defense, and pitching depth. We return seven starters from last year. A couple of players have started since ninth grade and have played a lot of varsity baseball. Hopefully that experience pays off this year.”

Concerns: “Depth at certain positions.”

Overall outlook: “Returning seven starters from last year’s 14-7 team, we look to improve on our quarterfinal loss in the district playoffs. If our top three or four pitchers throw like they are capable of, and a couple of the younger players step up and contribute, we should have a winning season and be in great shape come playoff time. Our team goals are to win the ICC and win a district championship.”

Assistant coaches: Tim Oakes, Eric Claar, Ben Chamberlain


Coach: Travis Klahre, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: 12-7

Conference: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors — Kolby Weaver (p-of), Quinton Spade (3b). Junior — Josiah Seese (ss-2b). Sophomores — Trenton Mellott (ss), Karson Reffner (p-c).

Other returning players: Senior — Hunter Browning (of). Junior — Luke Decker (of). Sophomores — Calvin Iseminger (p-1b), Oliver Snyder (c-of).

Newcomers: Seniors — Zack Dicken (of), Dylon Robinson (of). Junior — Eli Seville (of). Sophomores — Karl Foor (inf.), Andrew Jay (of), Hunter Jay (p-inf.), Cody Knotts (of), Dalton Shaw (of-inf.), Jadin Zinn (p-inf.).

Strengths: “Strong core of sophomores that played varsity last season and have a lot of experience.”

Concerns: “Extremely young overall. We’re waiting to see who will take on the leadership-captain role.”

Overall outlook: “We like the way these guys get along, and with a lot of the sophomores seeing plenty of playing time, the unity will only get stronger over the next couple of years.”

Assistant coaches: Mike Kline, Les Lapako, Cory Reffner, Andrew Pepple


Coach: Ray Berger, third season

Career record: 8-26

Last year’s record: 8-11

Conference: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: None

Other returning players: None

Newcomers: Junior — Jacob Holes (inf.-p). Sophomores — Tyler Niebauer (inf.-of), Gunner Nevling (of), Mike Gregg (of). Freshmen — Jacob Berger (of), Mason Peterson (inf.-p), Tannor Holes (inf.-p), Josh O’Shell (of), Logan Ruffaner (inf.), Britton Spangle (inf.-of-p), Zene Knotts (inf.-of).

Strengths: “With no returning players from last season, the freshman players have stepped up and taken on the role of leaders.”

Concerns: “Lack of depth and experience at all positions and pitching.”

Overall outlook: “With lack of depth and experience, all I can ask for is for the team to go out have fun keep their heads up, be enthusiastic and embrace the experience they are about to gain to build better character and transform them into better players for their remaining years playing at the varsity level.”

Assistant coach: Tyler Holes


Coach: Jon Szynal, 22nd season

Career record: 219-182

Last year’s record: 11-7

Returning starters: Seniors — Simon Adams (p-3b), Nick Helsel (p-of), Garrett Kratzer (p-inf.), Joe Grassi (p-of), Bryce Helmer (p-inf.), Logan Margroum (c-dh). Juniors — Tyler Faber (inf.-of), Caleb Gampe (p-inf.), Bryce Martellacci (of-p), Zach Miller (inf.).

Other returning players: Junior — Austin Estep (c-dh).

Newcomers: Seniors — Nate Bettwy (c-dh), Luke Grove (of-p). Juniors — Hunter Emerick (p-inf.), Gabe Herman (p-inf.), Caleb Jandora (inf.-p), Evan Shale (inf.-p), Landon Meadows (of), Zach Barton (of).

Strengths: “Good early senior leadership, depth at positions.”

Concerns: “Offseason arm injuries, pitching depth.”

Overall outlook: “Very positive two weeks of practice, excited to see who benefits from offseason workouts.”

Assistant coaches: Brock Porter, Steve Shiffler, Matt Martynuska, Dick Smith, Steve Kirsch, Kaleb Fleck, Jordan Mesoraco

Junior high coaches: Jim Miller, Todd Banks, Eric Ulery


Coach: Butch Woodward, second year

Career record: 7-13

Last year’s record: 7-13

Conference: Mountain League

Returning starters: Seniors — Rece Ritchey (p-of), Jackson Ritchey (p-inf.), Zack Peck (of-inf.), Nick Troha (c-p-inf.), Nick Gearhart (p-inf.), Isaac Snare (p-inf.), Justin Shetrom (of-p). Juniors — Tyson Cook (of-p), Brady Handy (c-inf.), Jeremiah Safko (inf.).

Other returning players: Senior — Payton Hack (inf.). Juniors — Matt Crotsley (of), Andrew Cunningham (of). Sophomores — Hunter Peck (inf.), Josh Bryson (p-inf.), C.J. Moore (inf.), Josh Hollibaugh (p-of), Cole Shehan (inf.), Eden Wagner (of).

Newcomers: Junior — Matt Fillman (inf.). Freshmen — Trenton Cook (inf.), Tyler Gutshall (inf.-of), Brycen Sheffield (inf.-p), Ryan Hack (inf.-p), Colton Smith (inf.), Brenden Eagle (inf.), Anthony Patti (of), Ryan Marshall (c-inf.), Mason Patterson (inf.-p).

Strengths: “We have a good group of seniors as well as a deep lineup of pitching. On top of this, I believe that the team has great chemistry as well as a lot of experience.”

Concerns: “Uncertainty on the current situation and the likelihood of having a season coupled with lack of required practice will make it difficult to start the season strong.”

Overall outlook: “Outside of everything not baseball related, I have very high hopes for the season as well as this group of athletes.”

Assistant coaches: Corey Stuller, Ashley Shope, Mike Handy, Wayne Walters, Nate Sharpless, Bobby Colton, Joe Gutshall

Juniata Valley

Coach: Jeff Hensor, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: 10-10

Conference: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors — Jacob Hensor (inf.), Caden Rupert (inf.), Noah Giles (inf.), Ryan Betres (inf.), Isaac Watson (inf.), Grant Musser (inf.). Juniors — Gabe Brower (of), T.J. Wilson (inf.-dh). Sophomores — Jake Johnson (of), Bryant Allison (of-dh), Trey Wilson (c).

Other returning players: Juniors — Landon Reed (p), Levi Perow (p), Adam Boone (c-inf.), Dalton Dick (1b-p)

Newcomers: Sophomores — Ben Carolus (of), Nick Sodmont (inf.), David Woodrow (of), Michael Miller (of), Tony Reed (of), Bryan Hearn (inf.), Halen Beck (inf.), Nathan Soder (inf.), Nick Morningstar (c-utl.). Freshmen — J.T. Rodkey (of), Reid Edwards (inf.).

Strengths: “Experience, attitude, work ethic.”

Concerns: “Pitching.”

Overall outlook: “Optimistic.”

Assistant coaches: Marty Rupert, Travis Edwards

Junior high coaches: Tom Hess, Rob Hoover, Dave Dick

Moshannon Valley

Coach: Ryan Cornelius, first season

Career record: 0-0

Last year’s record: 7-10

Conference: Inter-County Conference, Moshannon Valley League

Returning starters: Seniors — Joe Bacher (rf); Nathan Beers (3b). Junior — Michael Kephart (cf-utl.). Sophomores — Kadin Hansel (2b), Ethan Webb (c-utl.), Michael Kitko (ss-utl.).

Other returning players: Junior — Jayden Coder (c-3b).

Newcomers: Seniors — Matt Boyer (lf-utl.), Alex Capitos (1b). Junior — Trey Lyon (of). Sophomores — Christian Nelson (1b), Sam Lukehart (lf-1b). Freshmen — Jake O’Donnell (lf), Zach Witherow (ss-2b).

Strengths: “Pitching depth. Versatility with being able to move players around in different positions.”

Concerns: “Youth. As always, adjusting from indoors since we play in the north is always tough on kids trying to play a warm-weather sport in the cold.”

Overall outlook: “I think we have the potential to be a great team. We have a lot of varsity experience from last year. We plan to compete. I believe we have a solid squad. They stay late to put in the work it takes to win. I’ve very happy with how we look.”

Assistant coach: Richie Ball

Northern Bedford

Coach: David McIlnay, 10th season

Career record: 86-71

Last year’s record: 6-12 (5-9 in ICC)

League: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Seniors — Luke Weidemann (inf.-p), Kyler States (of-p), Colby Imler (c), Thad Kraucz (inf.). Juniors — Thad Leidy (of-p), Andrew Lazor (inf.-p), Logan College (of-p), Evan Clouse (inf-p), Conner Whitfield (utl.)

Newcomers: Sophomores — Brooks Snider (inf.-p), Kolin McNamara (inf.), Levi Wiedemann (of), Hunter Walter (of-p), Dakota Korzec (of), Andrew Francis (inf-p), Nate Helsel (of), Rick Bolinger (inf-p)

Strengths: “A good group of hard-working kids.”

Concerns: “Consistency at the plate and on the field.”

Overall outlook: “Team play, doing the little things to accomplish big things. Our goals are always to become a complete team and contend for a league and district title.”

Assistant coaches: Ryan Cherry, Tom Foor, Matthew Hall

Junior high coaches: Jon Ewart, Rob Reed, Eric Slagenweit, Brandon Snider

Northern Cambria

Coach: Brian Bougher, second season

Career record: 8-10

Last year’s record: 8-10

Conference: Heritage Conference

Returning starters: Jordan Wise (1b), Adam Kopera (cf), Mike Hoover (c), Josh Miller (p).

Strengths: “We are a very fast team. We have a lot of pitching depth.”

Concerns: “We are a young team and only have three returning non-pitching starters.”

Overall outlook: “We are young but should be a force. I think we will be in every game and should make a run for the conference championship.”

Assistant coaches: Mac Novella, John Pershing, Jim Gillin

Penn Cambria

Coach: James Poldiak, 10th season

Career record: 66-98

Last year’s record: 1-19 (1-15 in LHAC)

Conference: Laurel Highlands

Returning starters: Seniors — Devon Conway (of), Chayce McCombie (p-1b-3b), Marty Sekerak (3b-p-c), Tanner Vinglish (1b-dh). Juniors — Brodie O’Donnell (ss-p-2b), Brandon Storm (of-p).

Other returning players: Juniors — Travis Cretin (2b-p), Colton Long (1b). Sophomores — Zack Broad (utl.), Haden Buck (2b-utl.), Cody Falger (p-of), Nathan Little (2b-p).

Newcomers: Sophomores — Lucas Dorsch (utl.), Zach Novak (utl.). Freshmen — Vinny Chirdon (3b-p-ss), Zach Grove (of), Garrett Harrold (c), Isaac Kuntz (3b-p), Evan Raneri (2b-p-utl.), Luke Shuagis (ss-p-2b), Ryan Stipanovich (1b-p), Dylan Storm (of), Brandon Yeoman (c-p-utl.), Jon Zernick (1b-p).

Strengths: “Work ethic, good leadership, strong group of young players.”

Concerns: “Young and inexperienced at several positions. Several younger players will see a lot of time. How they mature as the season plays out could determine our success.”

Overall outlook: “We want to be competitive within at LHAC and improve on last season.”

Assistant coaches: Jim Ronan, Bryan Marra (volunteer)


Coach: Doug Sankey, 22nd season

Career record: 288-194

Last year’s record: 16-9

Conference: Mountain League

Returning starters: Senior — Keegan Soltis (3b). Juniors — Nathan Gustkey (c), Ryan Whitehead (p). Sophomore — Jeremy Whitehead (lf).

Other returning players: Juniors — Caleb Pellerite (1b), Tommy Stephens (3b-dh). Sophomore — Nick Coudriet (p-2b).

Newcomers: Parker White (inf.-p), David Meersand (of-p), Chad Frank (3b), David Weaver (1b), Spencer Wilsoncroft (of), Kyle Hahn (of-p), T.J. Wildman (inf.-p), Jake Desimone (of-p), Anthony Merryman (ss).

Strengths: “Team leadership and work ethic.”

Concerns: “Offensive production and a very young team.”

Overall outlook: “Good. We should be competitive.”

Assistant coaches: Tyler Good, Brandon Myers, Jeremy Beals, Bo Sankey (volunteer), Drew Bryan (volunteer), Jake Myers (volunteer)

Junior high coaches: Aaron Levonick, Mike Willis


Coach: Larry McCabe, 42nd season

Last year’s record: 13-8 (7-5 in WestPAC)

Returning starters: Seniors — Jacob Irvin (1b-p), Connor Price (inf.-p), Seth Georg (of), Max Herman (of). Juniors — Jackson Kozlovac (inf.-p), Peyton Zatek (of). Sophomore — Tyler Alexander (inf.-p).

Other returning players: Juniors — Josh Morgan (1b-p), Koby Kargo (p-1b). Sophomores — Jace Irvin (c), Adam Stauski (c-3b-of), Nate Moore (3b-p), Joe Lawrence (of).

Newcomers: Juniors — John Ritchey (of), Andrew Boreck (of), John Maul (of). Sophomore — James Rummel (of). Freshmen — Andrew Miko (p-inf.-of), Mason Kargo (inf.), Luke Scarton (p-inf.), Isaac Jubina (p-inf.), Bill Dobrowlsky (inf.), George Kissell (1b).

Strengths: “Returning seven starters and lots of experience.”

Concerns: “To be successful in the batter’s box and cut down on our strikeouts as a team.”

Overall outlook: “We want to win our conference and be in position to play in the District 6 2A playoffs.”

Assistant coaches: Josh Burkett, Jude Decort

Tussey Mountain

Coach: Kasey Kuhns, ninth season

Career record: 62-95

Last year’s record: 10-10 (9-9 in ICC)

League: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Senior — Matthew Leonard (inf.-p). Juniors — Kaden Lucko (of), Dawson Rigthnour (of-p), Caleb Barnett (c-p). Sophomore — Matthew Watkins (utl.).

Other returning players: Senior — Logan Reed (inf.-p). Juniors — Nick Brumbaugh (of), Jayden Horton (inf.), Marcus Watkins (of), Aaron Lopez (inf.-p).

Newcomers: Sophomores — Brady Black (inf.), Kadyn Musselman (of), R.J. Zelanko (of).

Strengths: “Experience. We are returning nine letterwinners this year and six of those are two-year letterwinners.”

Concerns: “Pitching. We are not very deep on the mound.”

Overall outlook: “I am looking for our veteran leadership to step up and push our team to work hard and improve every day.”

Assistant coaches: Matt McCahan, Dave Leonard, Jordan Berkstresser

Junior high coaches: Anthony Beveridege, Tom Kormanski


Coach: Kevin Soellner, fifth season

Career record: 36-45

Last year’s record: 18-4

Conference: Mountain League

Returning starters: Seniors — Kevin Lehner (ss-p), Matt Savino (cf), Colson Lewis (of), Nic Light (1b-p). Juniors — Rodney Shultz (p-2b), Bryce Hunter (of), Brandon Lucas (3b) Sophomore — Aiden Coleman (p,of).

Other returning players: Senior — Michael Stoner (3b), Cameron Brandt (utl.), Trevor Gority (of). Juniors — Michael Buck (c), Blaine Hoover (2b-of), Dillion Vipond (of). Sophomores — David Lang (2b-p) Courtland Rhoades (ss-p) Luke Brooks (c-inf), Brenden Grazier (1b), Jesse Yingling (of), Nick Lehner (3b), Wilson O’Shell (of), Keegan Gwinn (p-of).

Newcomers: Freshmen — Ross Gampe (p-1b) Zach LaGars (c-of-p), Caiden Bonsell (inf), Deegan Baldouf (2b-of), Balin Hand (c), Josh Patterson (of-p), Nathaniel Patterson (inf-c), Austin McClellan (of), Cyrus Ahlert (inf.-of), Ryan Seeger (3b), Cameron Geisler (of).

Strengths: “Our biggest strength is our numbers. Kids are competing for positions, and it makes them work so much harder. Also, we return a lot of experience and leadership. The young men have put in a lot of work in the offseason. They are very goal-oriented.”

Concerns: “Replacing two big bats in our lineup and not having a letdown from last year. Learning how to overcome winning. It doesn’t just happen. The Mountain League is so tough that any team can come out on top. We have to stay focused.”

Overall outlook: “The kids want to achieve so much. They have put in the work. We want the same goals as always — playing our best baseball at the end of the season and league and district championships. We’d also like to make a big run in the state playoffs.”

Assistant coaches: Marvin Murray, Dave Mease, Tim Smith, Jim Lang, Dave Brisbin, Josh King

Junior high coaches: Austin Butlin, Luke Hammer, Mike Walk


Coach: Bob McCall, third season

Career record: 8-32

Last year’s record: 1-17

Conference: Inter-County Conference

Returning starters: Senior — Jared McCall (p-inf.). Juniors — Drew Hileman (of-inf.-p), Wes McCall (c-of), Shane Brantner (1b-of), Riley Parks (3b-p), Tyler Clark (c-inf.-p). Sophomores — Dylan Hartman (p-inf.), Lambert Palmer (p-ss).

Other returning players: Junior — Ben Detwiler (2b).

Newcomers: Senior — Jack Hileman (of-inf.-p). Junior — Dylan Hostler (of). Sophomores — Liam McGregor (2b-of), Caymen Hughes (of).

Strengths: “Seven returning starters with six pitchers and lots of varsity playing time.”

Concerns: “Trying to keep everyone healthy this year.”

Overall outlook: “We hope to be more competitive this year and compete in our league.”

Assistant coaches: Dale McCall, Mike McCall, Adam Hileman

Junior high coaches: Andy Scalice, Ben Shaffer


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