Glendale has three alive in medal round

NEWTOWN — Glendale has three wrestlers still alive to take the medal stand when wrestling resumes today at the Escape the Rock Tournament in high school action at Council Rock High School.

At 220, Cory Johnston remains in position to claim a tournament championship. He faces Michael Toranzo of St. Joseph Regional in the semifinals after a first-round bye, a second-period fall in 5:55 and a 3-0 decision.

Two other wrestlers remain alive in the consolation brackets as well.

PIAA champion Brock McMillen lost in the round of 16 after winning his first two matches, and will take on Northampton’s Dagen Condomitti in the consy quarterfinals.

At 195, Seth Dudurich lost his opening match, 12-10, to fall into the consolation bracket, but picked up an 8-3 decision over Pope John XXIII’s Peter Delaportas to reach the consy quarterfinals. He will wreslting Jason Henderson of Delaware Valley.

AAHS gets two wins

CLEARFIELD — The Altoona wrestling team went 2-3 at the Clearfield Duals.

The Mountain Lions defeated Clearfield (36-33) and General McLane (39-36) and lost to Montoursville (57-16), Benton (51-27) and West Branch (39-36).

Matt Sarbo won five matches while Josh Keirn and Colin Allmond each won four bouts. Adam Port, Adam Zerbee and Damion Finnegan won three bouts each.

Montoursville 57, Altoona 16

182: Dylan Bennett (MAH) over Colin Allmond (AAH) (Fall 1:49) 195: Josh Keirn (AAH) over Gavin Livermore (MAH) (Fall 2:58) 220: Cameron Wood (MAH) over (AAH) (For.) 285: Adam Port (AAH) over Will Carson (MAH) (MD 8-0) 106: Branden Wentzel (MAH) over Eli Wisor (AAH) (Fall 1:09) 113: Cole Johnson (MAH) over Jordan Carlucci (AAH) (TF 17-0 6:00) 120: Kayden Frame (MAH) over Caleb Fasick (AAH) (Fall 5:35).

126: Broc Lutz (MAH) over Damion Finnegan (AAH) (MD 11-2) 132: Alexander Oberheim (MAH) over George Boutiller (AAH) (MD 8-0) 138: Matthew Sarbo (AAH) over James Batkowski (MAH) (Fall 0:58) 145: Emery Balint (MAH) over (AAH) (For.) 152: Jacob Dinges (MAH) over Adam Zerbee (AAH) (Dec 6-2) 160: Isaac Cory (MAH) over Graham Black (AAH) (TF 15-0 2:46) 170: Cael Crebs (MAH) over Alex Yost (AAH) (Fall 0:27).

Benton 51, Altoona 27

106: Chase Burke (BAH) over Eli Wisor (AAH) (Fall 1:32) 113: Dylan Granahan (BAH) over Jordan Carlucci (AAH) (Fall 1:46) 120: Remington Morrow (BAH) over Caleb Fasick (AAH) (Fall 3:18) 126: Gable Strickland (BAH) over Damion Finnegan (AAH) (TF 21-6 5:54) 132: Caden Temple (BAH) over George Boutiller (AAH) (Fall 3:52) 138: William Young (AAH) over (BAH) (For.) 145: Matthew Sarbo (AAH) over (BAH) (For.).

152: Adam Zerbee (AAH) over Josh Fisher (BAH) (Fall 2:46) 160: Nolan Lear (BAH) over Graham Black (AAH) (Fall 2:14) 170: Jake Bobersky (BAH) over Alex Yost (AAH) (MD 18-9) 182: Colin Allmond (AAH) over (BAH) (For.) 195: Josh Keirn (AAH) over Teagan Benner (BAH) (Dec 5-1) 220: Andrew Wolfe (BAH) over Marcus Day (AAH) (Fall 1:17) 285: Zach Poust (BAH) over Adam Port (AAH) (Inj. [time]).

Altoona 39, General McLane 36

106: Eli Wisor (AAH) over (GMH) (For.) 113: Gunnar Gage (GMH) over Jordan Carlucci (AAH) (Fall 1:34) 120: Caleb Fasick (AAH) over Gabe Bayle (GMH) (Dec 7-4) 126: Damion Finnegan (AAH) over Beau Caro (GMH) (Dec 10-4) 132: Matt Leehan (GMH) over George Boutiller (AAH) (Fall 3:53) 138: Kyle Cousins (GMH) over William Young (AAH) (Fall 0:55) 145: Matthew Sarbo (AAH) over (GMH) (For.).

152: Adam Zerbee (AAH) over Aric Sweet (GMH) (Fall 3:53) 160: Elijah Schreiber (GMH) over Andrew Beach (AAH) (Fall 1:28) 170: Alex Yost (AAH) over Scott Litz (GMH) (Fall 5:27) 182: James Laird (GMH) over Colin Allmond (AAH) (Fall 0:00) 195: Josh Keirn (AAH) over Shamus Ford (GMH) (Fall 1:22) 220: Wilson Spires (GMH) over Marcus Day (AAH) (Fall 1:45) 285: Adam Port (AAH) over Hunter Dickson (GMH) (MD 9-0) (AAH Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.0).

West Branch 39, Altoona 36

170: Hayes Jones (WBH) over Alex Yost (AAH) (Fall 3:36) 182: Colin Allmond (AAH) over Brandon Foltz (WBH) (Fall 4:22) 195: Ethan Yingling (WBH) over Josh Keirn (AAH) (Dec 7-2) 220: Billy Bumbarger (WBH) over Marcus Day (AAH) (Fall 4:43) 285: Adam Port (AAH) over (WBH) (For.) 106: Landen Pase (WBH) over Eli Wisor (AAH) (Fall 1:13) 113: Jordan Carlucci (AAH) over Kaleb Sallurday (WBH) (Dec 9-3).

120: Caleb Fasick (AAH) over (WBH) (For.) 126: Damion Finnegan (AAH) over Parker Johnson (WBH) (Fall 1:39) 132: George Boutiller (AAH) over Aaron Myers (WBH) (Dec 10-8) 138: John Myers (WBH) over William Young (AAH) (Fall 3:41) 145: Matthew Sarbo (AAH) over Logan Folmar (WBH) (Fall 0:10) 152: William Herring (WBH) over Adam Zerbee (AAH) (Fall 4:42) 160: Tyce Cantolina (WBH) over Andrew Beach (AAH) (Fall 5:06).

Altoona 39, Clearfield 33

285: Trevor Manley (AAH) over Jon Doran (CAH) (Dec 3-2) 106: Evan Davis (CAH) over Eli Wisor (AAH) (Fall 0:37) 113: Jordan Carlucci (AAH) over Derrick Bender (CAH) (Dec 8-7) 120: Nolan Barr (CAH) over Caleb Fasick (AAH) (Dec 5-0) 126: Damion Finnegan (AAH) over Jason Plubell (CAH) (Fall 3:38) 132: George Boutiller (AAH) over Justin Hand (CAH) (Dec 6-5) 138: Luke Freeland (CAH) over William Young (AAH) (Fall 4:48).

145: Matthew Sarbo (AAH) over Karson Kline (CAH) (Fall 2:38) 152: Adam Zerbee (AAH) over Logan Firanski (CAH) (Fall 5:46) 160: Mark McGonigal (CAH) over Andrew Beach (AAH) (Fall 0:42) 170: Hayden Kavolick (CAH) over Alex Yost (AAH) (Fall 1:50) 182: Colin Allmond (AAH) over Brett Zattoni (CAH) (Fall 0:37) 195: Josh Keirn (AAH) over Matt Bailor (CAH) (Fall 3:09) 220: Oliver Billotte (CAH) over (AAH) (For.).

Lions go 2-1 at duals

BROOKVILLE — Chesnut Ridge went 2-1 at the Johnson Motor Ultimate Duals at Brookville High School.

Ridge won its first two matches, a 43-22 win over host Brookville and a 46-19 win over Burrell, before losing to Reynolds in a close match, 35-29.

Calan Bollman (106) won all three of his matches for the Lions, along with Kai Burket, who wrestled the first two matches at 113 before bumping up to 120 in the Reynolds match and grabbing a 5-0 decision.



145: Gryphon Callihan (CRH) over (BAH) (For.) 152: Luke Moore (CRH) over Wyatt Kulik (BAH) (Dec 10-5) 160: Daniel Moore (CRH) over Hayden Kramer (BAH) (Fall 1:40) 170: Wyatt Griffin (BAH) over Baltzer Bollman (CRH) (MD 9-1) 182: Elliot Park (BAH) over Dominick Claar (CRH) (Fall 1:10) 195: Seth Holderbaum (CRH) over Bryce Rafferty (BAH) (Dec 13-10) 220: Nathan Taylor (BAH) over Duane Knisely (CRH) (Dec 4-2).

285: Colby Whitehill (BAH) over Noah A Smith (CRH) (Fall 0:42) 106: Calan Bollman (CRH) over Logan Oakes (BAH) (Fall 3:40) 113: Kai Burkett (CRH) over Cayden Walter (BAH) (MD 8-0) 120: Owen Reinsel (BAH) over Nathan Holderbaum (CRH) (Dec 7-2) 126: Ross Dull (CRH) over Brayden Kunselman (BAH) (Dec 13-7) 132: Kaleb Miller (CRH) over Josh Popson (BAH) (Fall 5:12) 138: Trevor Weyandt (CRH) over Coyha Brown (BAH) (Fall 5:45).


152: Anthony Corrado (BUHS) over Luke Moore (CRH) (Fall 3:11) 160: Daniel Moore (CRH) over Damian Barr (BUHS) (Fall 4:42) 170: Noah Linderman (BUHS) over Baltzer Bollman (CRH) (Dec 7-2) 182: Seth Holderbaum (CRH) over Domnic Holmes (BUHS) (MD 10-2) 195: Cole Clark (BUHS) over Dominick Claar (CRH) (Fall 5:03) 220: Duane Knisely (CRH) over Richard Feroce (BUHS) (Dec 4-1) 285: Noah A Smith (CRH) over (BUHS) (For.).

106: Calan Bollman (CRH) over Nikolas Ferra (BUHS) (MD 13-0) 113: Kai Burkett (CRH) over Shawn Szymanski (BUHS) (MD 10-2) 120: Nathan Holderbaum (CRH) over Nicholas Salerno (BUHS) (Dec 7-3) 126: Ross Dull (CRH) over Aaron Edwards (BUHS) (MD 9-0) 132: Ian Oswalt (BUHS) over Kaleb Miller (CRH) (MD 13-2) 138: Trevor Weyandt (CRH) over Logan Bechtold (BUHS) (Fall 2:55) 145: Gryphon Callihan (CRH) over Simon Slahyovsky (BUHS) (Fall 1:25).


160: Daniel Moore (CRH) over Owen Miller (REHS) (TF 15-0 3:08) 170: Cole Toy (REHS) over Baltzer Bollman (CRH) (TF 19-2 6:00) 182: Bryce McCloskey (REHS) over Dominick Claar (CRH) (Fall 0:44) 195: Braydon Herbster (REHS) over Seth Holderbaum (CRH) (Dec 4-1) 220: Duane Knisely (CRH) over Evan Miller (REHS) (Dec 6-0) 285: Guy Rocco John-Daniello (REHS) over Noah A Smith (CRH) (Fall 0:59) 106: Calan Bollman (CRH) over Kane Kettering (REHS) (Dec 6-2).

113: Gary Steen (REHS) over Kobi Burkett (CRH) (Fall 2:11) 120: Kai Burkett (CRH) over Cole Bayless (REHS) (Dec 5-0) 126: Liam Foore (REHS) over Nathan Holderbaum (CRH) (Dec 4-0) 132: Ross Dull (CRH) over Dreyvin LIvingston (REHS) (Fall 4:50) 138: Kaeden Berger (REHS) over Trevor Weyandt (CRH) (Fall 3:57) 145: Gryphon Callihan (CRH) over Alex Ischo (REHS) (Dec 3-1) 152: Luke Moore (CRH) over Camren Klenke (REHS) (Fall 1:16)


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