Burkett clutch for Ridge in victory over Westmont

FISHERTOWN — Trailing 33-24 heading into the final bout of the night, Chestnut Ridge defeated Westmont Hilltop, 34-33, in high school wrestling action Tuesday.

Kai Burkett needed just 56 seconds to pin Dorian Hanley at 113 for the victory.

120: Nathan Holderbaum (CRH) over Luke Benner (WHH) (MD 12-1) 126: Ross Dull (CRH) over Tanner Kushner (WHH) (Fall 5:15) 132: Conner Polacek (WHH) over Kaleb Miller (CRH) (Dec 5-2) 138: Trevor Weyandt (CRH) over Roy Dunn (WHH) (Dec 7-2) 145: Gryphon Callihan (CRH) over Zane Blackburn (WHH) (Dec 5-0) 152: Noah Korenoski (WHH) over Luke Moore (CRH) (Dec 5-2) 160: Hudson Holbay (WHH) over Baltzer Bollman (CRH) (Fall 3:05)

170: Hunter Holbay (WHH) over Daniel Moore (CRH) (Fall 1:35) 182: Mason Muto (WHH) over Seth Holderbaum (CRH) (SV-1 3-1) 195: Tanner Dluhos (WHH) over Dominick Claar (CRH) (Fall 0:46) 220: Duane Knisely (CRH) over Noah Gresh (WHH) (Fall 1:47) 285: Max Yonko (WHH) over Noah A Smith (CRH) (Fall 1:56) 106: Calan Bollman (CRH) over Sean Wilks (WHH) (Fall 0:56) 113: Kai Burkett (CRH) over Dorian Hanley (WHH) (Fall 0:56)

Glendale 58

Northern Bedford 24

LOYSBURG — Glendale picked up 42 bonus points on seven falls en route to a victory over Northern Bedford.

Picking up the falls for the Vikings were Tristan Rutter, Seth Dudurich, Cory Johnston, Kyle Jasper, Zeke Dubler, Suds Dubler and Brock McMillen.

The Panthers got pins from Colby Imler and Reyan Imler.

138: Ian Sherlock (NBCH) over (GLHS) (For.) 145: Garret Misiura (GLHS) over (NBCH) (For.) 152: Tristan Rutter (GLHS) over Brady Clark (NBCH) (Fall 1:11) 160: Kyler States (NBCH) over (GLHS) (For.) 170: Colby Imler (NBCH) over Logan Smith (GLHS) (Fall 3:54) 182: Britton Spangle (GLHS) over Dakota Korzec (NBCH) (MD 12-4) 195: Seth Dudurich (GLHS) over Kainen Brown (NBCH) (Fall 2:43)

220: Cory Johnston (GLHS) over Kolin McNamara (NBCH) (Fall 1:01) 285: Kyle Jasper (GLHS) over Derek Beach (NBCH) (Fall 1:30) 106: Reyan Imler (NBCH) over Nate Storm (GLHS) (Fall 1:59) 113: Winter Storm (GLHS) over (NBCH) (For.) 120: Zeke Dubler (GLHS) over Griffin Keller (NBCH) (Fall 1:32) 126: Suds Dubler (GLHS) over Tristin Pepple (NBCH) (Fall 1:19) 132: Brock McMillen (GLHS) over Lucas Heck (NBCH) (Fall 1:43)

Hollidaysburg 42

Punxsutawney 18

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Hollidaysburg improved to 2-8 with a victory at Punxsutawney that featured only five contested bouts.

The Tigers got falls from Aaron Sleeth, Campbell Walls and Nicklaus Eppihimer.

120–Praul, H, won by forfeit. 126–Nash, H, won by forfeit. 132–Smith, P, pinned Bridenbaugh, 4:34; 138–Eppihimer, H, pinned Fisher, 5:34; 145–Burkey, H, won by forfeit; 152–Sleeth, H, pinned Scott, 5:59; 160–Walls, H, pinned Miller, 3:29.

170–Adorn, H, won by forfeit. 182–J. Miller, P, won by forfeit; 195–Eddy, P, pinned Weir, 1:50; 220–No match; 285–Harris, P, won by forfeit. 106–No match. 113–No match.

Records: Hollidaysburg (2-8)

Bellwood-Antis 57

So. Huntingdon 24

THREE SPRINGS — Bellwood-Antis got falls from Aiden Taylor, Jason Pluebell and Zach Cunningham in a win at Southern Huntingdon.

106: Nathan Rabenstein (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.) 113: Jonathan Hardy (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.) 120: Caden Scott (SHCH) over (BAH) (For.) 126: Cole Hicks (SHCH) over Nick Kost (BAH) (Fall 5:12) 132: Xander Shank (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.) 138: Tyler McCaulsky (BAH) over Evan Herrington (SHCH) (Dec 3-2) 145: Brandon Runk (SHCH) over Landon Bungo (BAH) (Fall 4:27)

152: Aiden Taylor (BAH) over Wyatt Campbell (SHCH) (Fall 4:47) 160: Alex Taylor (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.) 170: Jason Pluebell (BAH) over Mason Swanger (SHCH) (Fall 1:16) 182: Zach Cunningham (BAH) over Breydan Whisler (SHCH) (Fall 0:15) 195: Brody Pyles (SHCH) over Dominic Caracciolo (BAH) (Fall 3:12) 220: Nate Jennings (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.) 285: Evan Pellegrine (BAH) over (SHCH) (For.)

Tussey Mountain 39

Everett 36

EVERETT — Chad Weist (126-pounds) and Nick Brumbaugh (152) logged pins for Tussey Mountain in a close victory over Everett.

Lane Younker (138) earned a fall for the Warriors.

126: Chad Weist (TMH) over Jacob Younker (EAH) (Fall 2:23) 132: Hunter Horton (TMH) over (EAH) (For.) 138: Lane Younker (EAH) over Kaden Musselman (TMH) (Fall 1:18) 145: Sid Grove (EAH) over (TMH) (For.) 152: Nick Brumbaugh (TMH) over Justin Warnick (EAH) (Fall 1:20) 160: Bryan Rankin (TMH) over Karl Foor (EAH) (Fall 0:31) 170: Seth Snyder (EAH) over (TMH) (For.) 182: Quinton Spade (EAH) over (TMH) (For.) 195: Cody Rock (EAH) over (TMH) (For.) 220: Quinton Beegle (EAH) over (TMH) (For.) 285: Matt Watkins (TMH) over Logan Propst (EAH) (Dec 5-2) 106: Michael Lazor (TMH) over (EAH) (For.) 113: Nevin Sloan (TMH) over (EAH) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit

Penn Cambria 49

Cambria Heights 24

SIDMAN — Penn Cambria put together pins from Joey Dignan and Jacob Davis in a win over Cambria Heights.

The Highlanders received a fall from Ian Eckenrode.

126: Issac Westrick (CHH) over Jestin Poruban (PCH) (Dec 9-5) 132: Austin Link (PCH) over Tanner Trybus (CHH) (MD 10-0) 138: Joey Dignan (PCH) over Tanner Trybus (CHH) (Fall 1:34) 145: Trey Talko (PCH) over (CHH) (For.) 152: Jalen Kovac (CHH) over Nathan Litlle (PCH) (Fall 1:42) 160: Braden Pfister (PCH) over Ty Stockley (CHH) (Dec 7-5) 170: Zach Weakland (CHH) over Donovan Cornell (PCH) (Fall 0:50)

182: Ian Eckenrode (CHH) over Ethan Sanders (PCH) (Fall 1:15) 195: Jacob Davis (PCH) over Zach Stiles (CHH) (Fall 1:08) 220: Zane Miller (CHH) over Austin Wagner(PCH) (Dec 1-0) 285: Jared Berkheimer (PCH) over (CHH) (For.) 106: Brody Vinglish (PCH) over (CHH) (For.) 113: Noah Noel (PCH) over (CHH) (For.) 120: Brandt Patterson (PCH) over (CHH) (For.)

Forest Hills 66

Penn Cambria 12

SIDMAN — Completing its tri-meet with Forest Hills, Penn Cambria got only a pin from Austin Wagner and Jared Berkheimer in the loss to Forest Hills.

138: Dustin Flinn (FHH) over Joey Dignan (PCH) (Fall 1:39) 145: Tye Templeton (FHH) over Nathan Litlle (PCH) (Fall 1:10) 152: Erik Gibson (FHH) over Braden Pfister (PCH) (Fall 1:20) 160: Michael Vasbinder (FHH) over Donovan Cornell (PCH) (Fall 0:55) 170: Ryan Weyandt (FHH) over Ethan Sanders (PCH) (Fall 0:38) 182: Brycen Rearick (FHH) over Jacob Davis (PCH) (Dec 5-3) 195: Ryan Shaw (FHH) over (PCH) (For.)

220: Austin Wagner (PCH) over Luke Hribar (FHH) (Fall 5:16) 285: Jared Berkheimer (PCH) over Dalton Gable (FHH) (Fall 1:55) 106: Jude Martyak (FHH) over Brody Vinglish (PCH) (Fall 0:40) 113: Easton Toth (FHH) over Noah Noel (PCH) (Fall 0:18) 120: Tony DiPaola (FHH) over Jestin Poruban (PCH) (Dec 9-6) 126: Jackson Arrington (FHH) over Brandt Patterson (PCH) (Fall 0:42) 132: Garet Connor (FHH) over Austin Link (PCH) (Fall 3:48)

Juniata Valley 39

Claysburg-Kimmel 24

CLAYSBURG — Juniata Valley won the final three bouts — all by forfeit — in a victory at Claysburg-Kimmel.

Eli Morder got a fall for Valley, whie Cade Keithley, Levi Brown and Kobe Harr added pins for the Bulldogs.

126: Collin Sparr (JVH) over Hunter Knisely (CKH) (Dec 15-12) 132: Cole Claycomb (CKH) over (JVH) (For.) 138: Cade Keithley (CKH) over Michael Miller (JVH) (Fall 0:36) 145: Eli Morder (JVH) over Zach McGeary (CKH) (Fall 1:34) 152: Levi Brown (CKH) over Gabe McMahon (JVH) (Fall 1:35) 160: Kobe Harr (CKH) over Andrew Ross (JVH) (Fall 1:27)

170: Zane Shaffer (JVH) over (CKH) (For.) 182: Isaac Watson (JVH) over (CKH) (For.) 195: Daniel Wagner (JVH) over (CKH) (For.) 220: Ben Carolus (JVH) over (CKH) (For.) 120: Nathanael Allison(JVH) over (CKH) (For.)

Clearfield 56

Central 14

MARTINSBURG — Central managed only a fall from Ian Crouch at 126 in its loss to Clearfield.

170: Mark McGonigal (CAH) over (CHM) (For.) 182: Hayden Kavolick (CAH) over Michael Fowkes (CHM) (Fall 1:48) 195: Ethan Eicher (CHM) over Brett Zattoni (CAH) (Dec 5-2) 220: Matt Bailor (CAH) over Sam Eger (CHM) (Fall 0:32) 285: Oliver Billotte (CAH) over (CHM) (For.) 106: Evan Davis (CAH) over Jaxon Matthews (CHM) (Fall 0:32) 113: Tyler Biesinger (CHM) over Derrick Bender (CAH) (Dec 9-8)

120: Nolan Barr (CAH) over (CHM) (For.) 126: Ian Crouch (CHM) over Jason Plubell (CAH) (Fall 2:58) 132: Justin Hand (CAH) over Luke Knisely (CHM) (Fall 2:44) 138: Wyatt Reorda (CAH) over (CHM) (For.) 145: Luke Freeland (CAH) over Tyler Hess (CHM) (TF 15-0 2:15) 152: Karson Kline (CAH) over Tanner Hall (CHM) (Dec 10-4) 160: Lane Kocher (CHM) over JD Graham (CAH) (Dec 7-3)


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