Altoona’s Sarbo claims 132 title at Gateway

H.S. wrestling

MONROEVILLE — Backed by Matt Sarbo’s first-place finish, Altoona placed seventh out of 23 teams in the Eastern Area Invitational at Gateway High School on Saturday.

Sarbo, a junior, won the 132-pound class with an 11-3 major decision over DuBois’ Trenton Donahue in the finals. He had decisioned Franklin Regional’s Garrett Thompson, 14-8, in the semifinals.

Damion Finnegan and Adam Port each finished second for the Mountain Lions, and Colin Almond and Jordan Carlucci each placed fifth.

Finnegan lost to Kiski Area’s Dom Giordano in the 126-pound finals, 6-5, after decisioning West Mifflin’s Jesse Galioto, 6-4, in the semifinals.

Port fell to McKeesport’s DJ Moehring in the 285-pound championship match by fall in 18 seconds. Port had decisioned DuBois’ Alex O’Harah, 9-7, in the semifinals.

Carlucci won his 113-pound fifth-place match with a 7-4 decision of DuBois’ Kam Stevenson, and Almond pinned McKeesport’s Bolivar Campusano in 35 seconds in the 182-pound fifth-place match.

Kiski Area won the team title, followed by Connellsville, DuBois, Franklin Regional, Mount Lebanon, Trinity and Altoona.

Harr takes title

SAINT MARYS — Claysburg-Kimmel’s Kobe Harr won his weight class at the Saint Marys Kickoff Tournament.

Harr defeated Bellefonte’s Stephen Ivicic in the finals by major decision, 10-1. He had pinned Saint Marys’ Raivis Bobby in one minute in the semifinals.

Claysburg’s Cole Claycomb finished as a runner-up, Levi Brown and David Fox were fourth, and Hunter Knisely was fifth.

Claycomb pinned Saint Marys’ Lane Dellaquilla in the semifinals in 1:19 but fell to Bellefonte’s Lan Aikey in the finals by decision, 7-2.

Brown finished fourth after getting pinned by Saint Marys’ Johnny Wittman in 1:33 in the third-place match, and Fox was major decisioned by Southern Huntingdon’s Breydan Whisler, 10-2, in his third-place match.

Knisely pinned Cameron County’s Allan Baerg in the fifth-place match in 1:39.

Babbit Duals

BLAIRSVILLE — Bellwood-Antis went 3-2 at the Babbit Duals at Blairsville High School.

Bellwood beat Portage, Johnstown and Blairsville, but fell to Southmoreland and Meyersdale.

Portage went 0-5.

Bellwood-Antis 66, Portage 18

106: Nathan Rabenstein (BA) over (P) (For.) 113: Jonathan Hardy (BA) over (P) (For.) 120: Anthony Coukart (P) over (BA) (For.) 126: Tanner Trusik (P) over (BA) (For.) 132: Nick Kost (BA) over Tyler Doster (P) (Fall 0:25) 138: Xander Shank (BA) over (P) (For.) 145: Mike Killinger (BA) over (P) (For.) 152: Nathan Kick (P) over Landon Bungo (BA) (Fall 5:38) 160: Aiden Taylor (BA) over Jon Wolford (P) (Fall 5:49) 170: Alex Taylor (BA) over Nathan Shaffer (P) (Fall 1:52) 182: Zach Cunningham (BA) over (P) (For.) 195: Dominic Caracciolo (BA) over Marcos Douglas (P) (Fall 1:52) 220: Nate Jennings (BA) over (P) (For.) 285: Evan Pellegrine (BA) over (P) (For.).


126: Jorge Morales (J) over (BA) (For.) 132: Jake Scaletta (J) over Nick Kost (BA) (Fall 1:42) 138: Zack Moore (J) over Xander Shank (BA) (Fall 2:53) 145: Kasie Malcome (J) over Mike Killinger (BA) (Fall 0:21) 152: Landon Bungo (BA) over (J) (For.) 160: Aiden Taylor (BA) over Isaiah Brandon (J) (Fall 1:18) 170: Alex Taylor (BA) over (J) (Fall 0:00) 182: Zach Cunningham (BA) over Gabe Rozier (J) (Fall 0:43) 195: Dominic Caracciolo (BA) over (J) (For.) 220: Keon Boyd (J) over Nate Jennings (BA) (Fall 0:57) 285: Evan Pellegrine (BA) over Daymeir Revere (J) (Fall 1:18) 106: Nathan Rabenstein (BA) over Mykal Jobes (J) (Fall 0:57) 113: Jonathan Hardy (BA) over (J) (For.) 120: Mikey Michalides (J) over (BA) (For.)


132: Nick Kost (BA) over Sebastian Blauser (B) (MD 10-0) 138: Cole Stuchal (B) over Xander Shank (BA) (Fall 2:45) 145: Cody Taylor (B) over Mike Killinger (BA) (Fall 3:14) 152: Landon Bungo (BA) over Lincoln Kovach (B) (Fall 5:15) 160: Aiden Taylor (BA) over Sincere McFarlin (B) (Fall 0:00) 170: Alex Taylor (BA) over (B) (For.) 182: Mason Bell (B) over Zach Cunningham (BA) (Fall 3:40) 195: Dominic Caracciolo (BA) over Cody Mocek (B) (Fall 4:20) 220: Gabriel Kennedy-Citeroni (B) over Nate Jennings (BA) (Fall 2:22) 285: Evan Pellegrine (BA) over Brad Miller (B) (Fall 1:00) 106: Nathan Rabenstein (BA) over (B) (For.) 113: Jonathan Hardy (BA) over (B) (For.) 120: Brayde Furman (B) over (BA) (For.) 126: Adam Blauser (B) over (BA) (For.)


145: Tristien Lapinski (SM) over Mike Killinger (BA) (Fall 1:29) 152: Austin Mcbeth (SM) over Landon Bungo (BA) (Dec 7-5) 160: Aiden Taylor (BA) over Josh Thoma (SM) (Fall 5:10) 170: Alex Taylor (BA) over Tyler Constantine (SM) (Fall 1:11) 182: Anthony Govern (SM) over Zach Cunningham (BA) (Fall 1:23) 195: Dominic Caracciolo (BA) over Benjamin Yeskey (SM) (Fall 1:16) 220: Bret Huffman (SM) over Nate Jennings (BA) (Fall 0:46) 285: Evan Pellegrine (BA) over Charles Tedrick (SM) (Fall 0:13) 106: Nathan Rabenstein (BA) over Dakota Kaylor (SM) (Fall 3:03) 113: Tristan Ice (SM) over (BA) (For.) 120: Austin Hunker (SM) over (BA) (For.) 126: Henry Miller (SM) over (BA) (For.) 132: Andrew Johnson (SM) over Nick Kost (BA) (Fall 1:45) 138: Nicholas Yeskey (SM) over Xander Shank (BA) (Fall 1:43)


152: Austin Broadwater (M) over Landon Bungo (BA) (MD 10-0) 160: Aiden Taylor (BA) over Collin Krause (M) (Fall 0:47) 170: Alex Taylor (BA) over Drake Gindlesperger (M) (Fall 3:43) 182: Jonah Smith (M) over Zach Cunningham (BA) (Fall 1:42) 195: Dominic Caracciolo (BA) over Kyle Robertson (M) (Fall 4:51) 220: Bryant Most (M) over Nate Jennings (BA) (Fall 0:24) 285: Jalen Stephens (M) over Evan Pellegrine (BA) (Dec 3-1) 106: Nathan Rabenstein (BA) over (M) (For.) 113: Trevor Donaldson (M) over (BA) (For.) 120: Gavin Topper (M) over (BA) (For.) 126: Noah Wilt (M) over (BA) (For.) 132: Nick Kost (BA) over (M) (For.) 138: Nickolas Ackerman (M) over Xander Shank (BA) (Fall 0:42) 145: Matt Boyce (M) over Mike Killinger (BA) (Fall 0:56)

Johnstown 33, Portage 24

138: Double Forfeit 145: Double Forfeit 152: Kasie Malcome (J) over Scott Berardinelli (P) (Dec 10-3) 160: Jon Wolford (P) over isaiah Brandon (J) (Fall 4:23) 170: Nathan Shaffer (P) over Gabe Rozier (J) (Fall 1:31) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Marcos Douglas (P) over (J) (For.) 220: Keon Boyd (J) over (P) (For.) 285: Devon Johnson (J) over (P) (For.) 106: Mykal Jobes (J) over (P) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Anthony Coukart (P) over (J) (For.) 126: Jake Scaletta (J) over Tanner Trusik (P) (Fall 2:43) 132: Zack Moore (J) over Tyler Doster (P) (Fall 0:43).

Blairsville 36, Portage 28

120: Anthony Coukart (P) over Brayde Furman (B) (Fall 3:19) 126: Tanner Trusik (P) over Adam Blauser (B) (Dec 12-5) 132: Sebastian Blauser (B) over Tyler Doster (P) (Fall 1:15) 138: Cole Stuchal (B) over (P) (For.) 145: Cody Taylor (B) over (P) (For.) 152: Nathan Kick (P) over Lincoln Kovach (B) (Fall 3:36) 160: Nathan Shaffer (P) over Sincere McFarlin (B) (MD 11-0) 170: Jon Wolford (P) over (B) (For.) 182: Mason Bell (B) over (P) (For.) 195: Marcos Douglas (P) over Cody Mocek (B) (Dec 9-3) 220: Gabriel Kennedy-Citeroni (B) over (P) (For.) 285: Brad Miller (B) over (P) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit

Derry 60, Portage 24

145: Connor Lucas (DA) over (P) (For.) 152: Scott Berardinelli (P) over Garrett Lenhart (DA) (Fall 3:50) 160: Nathan Shaffer (P) over Austin Siko (DA) (Fall 2:57) 170: Jon Wolford (P) over Pryce Donovan (DA) (Fall 2:35) 182: Eric Catone (DA) over (P) (For.) 195: Marcos Douglas (P) over Dakota Beeman (DA) (Fall 5:26) 220: Romerous Smith (DA) over (P) (For.) 285: Noah Cymmerman (DA) over (P) (For.) 106: Tristan Fischer (DA) over (P) (For.) 113: Alexander Cole (DA) over (P) (For.) 120: Colton McCallen (DA) over Anthony Coukart (P) (Fall 0:26) 126: Alexander Sobota (DA) over Tanner Trusik (P) (Fall 5:29) 132: Tyler Cymmerman (DA) over Tyler Doster (P) (Fall 0:32) 138: Nick Reeping (DA) over (P) (For.)

Penns Valley 60, Portage 6

152: Micah Fetterolf (PV) over Nathan Kick (P) (Fall 3:39) 160: Malachi DuVall (PV) over Jace Irvin (P) (Fall 1:18) 170: Dristen Wolfe (PV) over Jon Wolford (P) (Fall 1:35) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Marcos Douglas (P) over (PV) (For.) 220: Rylee Brungart (PV) over (P) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit 106: Chase Fleshman (PV) over (P) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Hayden Yearick (PV) over Anthony Coukart (P) (Fall 1:19) 126: Justin Darlington (PV) over Tanner Trusik (P) (Fall 0:34) 132: Nate Long (PV) over Tyler Doster (P) (Fall 0:24) 138: Clayton Royer (PV) over (P) (For.) 145: Malachi Thompson (PV) over (P) (For.)

Juniata Valley prevails

DAVIDSVILLE — Juniata Valley defeated Conemaugh Township in the Conemaugh Township Holiday Tri-Meet, 42-24.

Eli Morder had a fall for the Green Hornets.

Juniata Valley was also scheduled to face United, but no results were reported to the Mirror.

126: Collin Sparr (JV) over (CT) (For.) 138: Brady Kist (CT) over Thomas Beasom (JV) (Fall 1:25) 145: Eli Morder (JV) over Johnathan Haburcsak (CT) (Fall 0:50) 152: Michael Miller (JV) over (CT) (For.) 160: Austin Blackner (CT) over Gabe McMahon (JV) (Fall 0:49) 170: Dakota Thomas (CT) over Tony Porter (JV) (Fall 1:19)

182: Isaac Watson (JV) over (CT) (For.) 195: Daniel Wagner (JV) over (CT) (For.) 220: TJ Wilson (JV) over (CT) (For.) 285: Dalton Dick (JV) over (CT) (For.) 120: Zachary Geiser (CT) over Nathanael Allison (JV) (Fall 0:46).


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