Donors aid center for Tyrone training

TYRONE — The Tyrone Youth Athletics Association is working to provide more facilities to young athletes in Tyrone.

With the help of three donors, TYAA has finished a wrestling room and two new batting cages as John Russell, Jeff Long and Window World each donated $20,000 to help complete phase two of the facility.

The wrestling room provides a new home for elementary wrestling, which previously had limited time in the cage at the high school. The batting cages allow youth baseball to start earlier in the year and provides another facility to practice in.

Before there was only one field to share among 17 teams.

“When asked for support, I knew right away I needed to do this, being from Tyrone and always a fan of Tyrone sports, especially wrestling,” Long said. “I really think we can make a difference in giving our kids better facilities and equipment and improve coordination between the different teams. It still bothers me that I did not step up when I had an opportunity to help save the Tyrone YMCA. Hopefully, this is a new chapter in the history of sports in the Tyrone area.”

TYAA hopes to raise $90,000 more to help reach its goal of $150,000. This money will be used for several more improvements including another batting cage, rubber flooring, and state of the art equipment in the weight room. The weight facility will be used to train local athletes using a modern approach to strength and conditioning.

“There is a noticeable difference between athletes that use legitimate strength and conditioning programs and those that don’t. Our goal is to provide these programs for athletes in our community,” Tyrone Youth Athletic Association president Mike Whitby said.

Donations to TYAA’s efforts can be made through PayPal, which can be found on the Tyrone Youth Athletic Association’s Facebook page. Checks can be made payable to TYAA.

“The goal when I came back was to provide opportunities and revitalize Tyrone,” Russell said. “What we are doing impacts our youth and provides them the best opportunities to excel on the field. Our organization is run by members of the community who understand the importance of athletics in small towns and wants all our youth participating.”


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