Chestnut Ridge rolls past Bedford

H.S. wrestling

NEW PARIS — Trevor Weyandt, Baltzer Bollman, Seth Holderbaum, Duane Knisely and Dalton Seace won by fall as Chestnut Ridge dominated Bedford, 54-17, in high school wrestling on Thursday.

Nathan Gabriel and Mathew Emerick pinned their opponents for the Bisons.

106: Simon Osman (CRH) over Thomas Steinbrunner (BEHS) (Dec 3-2) 113: Kai Burkett (CRH) over (BEHS) (For.) 120: Nathan Holderbaum (CRH) over Camden Koontz (BEHS) (Dec 8-6) 126: Mathew Emerick (BEHS) over Taylor Claycomb (CRH) (Fall 2:09) 132: Kaden Cassidy (BEHS) over Gryphon Callihan (CRH) (TF 15-0 4:40) 138: Trevor Weyandt (CRH) over Gavin Habinyak (BEHS) (Fall 1:17) 145: Nathan Gabriel (BEHS) over Luke Moore (CRH) (Fall 3:30).

152: Daniel Moore (CRH) over Brayden Koontz (BEHS) (Dec 6-2) 160: Baltzer Bollman (CRH) over Connor Clarke (BEHS) (Fall 5:20) 170: Seth Holderbaum (CRH) over Ashton Dull (BEHS) (Fall 4:20) 182: Jared McGill (CRH) over (BEHS) (For.) 195: Austin Crouse (CRH) over Owen Biddle (BEHS) (Dec 7-2) 220: Duane Knisely (CRH) over Jaydin Vargas (BEHS) (Fall 3:09) 285: Dalton Seace (CRH) over Noah Lynch (BEHS) (Fall 2:56).

Forest Hills 67

Central Cambria 6

EBENSBURG — Austin Washic and John Croft won by decision to earn the only points for Central Cambria in its loss to Forest Hills.

106: Jude Martyak (FHH) over (CCH) (For.) 113: Easton Toth (FHH) over Zachary Brandis (CCH) (MD 9-1) 120: Jackson Arrington (FHH) over Cole Keiper (CCH) (Fall 1:39) 126: Michael Noon (FHH) over Daniel Lazer (CCH) (Fall 4:21) 132: Garet Connor (FHH) over Dominick LaRose (CCH) (Fall 2:57) 138: Byron Daubert (FHH) over Adam Lechleitner (CCH) (Fall 3:45) 145: Erik Gibson (FHH) over Adam McCullough (CCH) (Fall 3:23).

152: Austin Washic (CCH) over Robert Krug (FHH) (Dec 3-2) 160: Ryan Weyandt (FHH) over (CCH) (For.) 170: Ryan Latshaw (FHH) over Ethan Kubat (CCH) (Dec 4-2) 182: Mason Rodgers (FHH) over (CCH) (For.) 195: Luke Hribar (FHH) over (CCH) (For.) 220: Ethan Blough (FHH) over (CCH) (For.) 285: John Croft (CCH) over Matthew Kelley (FHH) (Dec 5-1)

Johnstown 48

Cambria Heights 30

JOHNSTOWN — Matthew Davis and Jalen Kovac won by fall for a short-handed Cambria Heights squad that came up short against Johnstown.

106: Bryce Blake (CHH) over (GJH) (For.) 113: Jake Scaletta (GJH) over (CHH) (For.) 120: Sebastian Kekich (GJH) over Issac Westrick (CHH) (Fall) 126: Matthew Davis (CHH) over Zack Moore (GJH) (Fall) 132: Kasir Malcom (GJH) over (CHH) (For.) 138: Eddie Niesser (GJH) over (CHH) (For.) 145: Jalen Kovac (CHH) over Lazaire Hinton (GJH) (Fall).

152: Brock Moore (GJH) over Tyler Kirkpatrick (CHH) (Inj. time) 160: Seth Link (CHH) over (GJH) (For.) 170: Tyler Smith (GJH) over (CHH) (For.) 182: Zach Weakland (CHH) over (GJH) (For.) 195: no match 220: Samuel Barber (GJH) over (CHH) (For.) 285: Christian Mason (GJH) over Logan Strittmatter (CHH) (Fall)

Northern Bedford 48

Central 33

ROARING SPRING — Alex Fouse began the match with a 17-second fall and Northern Bedford rode the momentum to a victory over Central.

Luke Welsh, Jay Ebersole, Kyle Guyer, Ian Sherlock, Brady Clark and Austin Mowry also won by fall for the Black Panthers.

Alex Bowman, Ian Crouch and Tanner Hall pinned their opponents for the Scarlet Dragons.

182: Alex Fouse (NBCH) over Jacob Detwiler (CHM) (Fall 0:17) 195: Luke Welsh (NBCH) over Ben Detwiler (CHM) (Fall 0:11) 220: Jay Ebersole (NBCH) over Michael Fowkes (CHM) (Fall 2:27) 285: Kyle Guyer (NBCH) over Dane Cross (CHM) (Fall 1:05) 106: Jaxon Matthews (CHM) over (NBCH) (For.) 113: Alex Bowman (CHM) over Micah Smith (NBCH) (Fall 0:16) 120: Ian Crouch (CHM) over Tristin Pepple (NBCH) (Fall 1:10).

126: Lucas Heck (NBCH) over (CHM) (For.) 132: Mason Daniels (CHM) over (NBCH) (For.) 138: Ian Sherlock (NBCH) over Brandon Holsinger (CHM) (Fall 3:10) 145: Tanner Hall (CHM) over Eyziak Cottle (NBCH) (Fall 1:29) 152: Brady Clark (NBCH) over Malcom Loucks (CHM) (Fall 5:02) 160: Logan Marko (CHM) over Colby Imler (NBCH) (Dec 4-2) 170: Austin Mowry (NBCH) over Lane Kocher (CHM) (Fall 0:22)

Moshannon Valley 37

Bellwood-Antis 32

HOUTZDALE — Scott McCoy, Trae Kitko and Jake Ball recorded falls as Moshannon Valley edged Bellwood-Antis.

The Blue Devils got falls from Alex Taylor, Landon Bungo, Colton Gority and Paulino Cuevas.

145: Aiden Taylor (BAH) over Brandon Smith (MVH) (SV-1 11-9) 152: Jon Dale (MVH) over (BAH) (For.) 160: Alex Taylor (BAH) over Nikolaus Smeal (MVH) (Fall 2:51) 170: Landon Bungo (BAH) over Trenton Berg (MVH) (Fall 2:55) 182: Colton Gority (BAH) over Caleb Bickle (MVH) (Fall 3:06); unsportsmanlike conduct on BA (-1), 195: Trentin Whaley (BAH) over (MVH) (For.) 220: Scott McCoy (MVH) over Dominick Coracciolo (BAH) (Fall 5:40).

285: Trae Kitko (MVH) over Evan Pellegrine (BAH) (Fall 5:37) 106: Murry Lonesky (MVH) over (BAH) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Jake Ball (MVH) over Kenny Robison (BAH) (Fall 1:20) 126: Austin Shoff (MVH) over Tyler McCaulsky (BAH) (Dec 6-2) 132: Paulino Cuevas (BAH) over Curtis Milligan (MVH) (Fall 0:48) 138: Alex Richner (MVH) over Ty Noonan (BAH) (MD 14-4)

Glendale 49

Tussey Mountain 28

SAXTON — Seth Dudurich, Kyle Jasper, Garret Misiura, Brock McMillen and Brent Kuhn won by fall for Glendale in its victory over Tussey Mountain.

Trevor Husick, Hunter Horton and Cole Weist earned six points with pins for the Titans.

195: Seth Dudurich (GLHS) over Damon Lemin (TMH) (Fall 4:52) 220: Cory Johnston (GLHS) over (TMH) (For.) 285: Kyle Jasper (GLHS) over Matthew Watkins (TMH) (Fall 4:31) 106: Suds Dubler (GLHS) over (TMH) (For.) 113: Trevor Husick (TMH) over Dustin Hockenberry (GLHS) (Fall 1:13) 120: Hunter Horton (TMH) over Evan Duclo (GLHS) (Fall 0:59) 126: Garret Misiura (GLHS) over Christopher Pierce (TMH) (Fall 5:35).

132: Brock McMillen (GLHS) over Nick Brumbaugh (TMH) (Fall 0:52) 138: Baine Seilhamer (GLHS) over Dave Smith (TMH) (Dec 6-3) 145: Brady Villa (TMH) over (GLHS) (For.) 152: Tristan Rutter (GLHS) over Colton Riley (TMH) (MD 10-0) 160: Brent Kuhn (GLHS) over Bryan Rankin (TMH) (Fall 3:10) 170: Noah Foor (TMH) over Ben Kasaback (GLHS) (MD 12-3) 182: Cole Weist (TMH) over Cameron Fyock (GLHS) (Fall 2:26)

Everett 41

Mount Union 33

MOUNT UNION — Mount Union jumped out to a 24-0 lead, but Everett came back to win the match by nine points.

Everett won six straight matches to take a 29-24 advantage. Mount Union regained the lead at 33-29, but Quinton Beegle won by forfeit at 195 pounds, and Logan Propst’s fall at 220 clinched the victory for the Warriors.

Macen Akers also had a fall or Everett, and Jaden Perrin and Evan Brennan each won by technical fall.

285: Jake Ryan (MUAH) over Shane Clark (EAH) (Fall 2:39) 106: Bryce Beatty (MUAH) over (EAH) (For.) 113: Caden Chilcote (MUAH) over (EAH) (For.) 120: Kevin Morehouse (MUAH) over Zach Reed (EAH) (Fall 2:17) 126: Jaden Perrin (EAH) over Zayden Clark (MUAH) (TF 15-0 5:42) 132: Evan Brennan (EAH) over Robert Brantner (MUAH) (TF 17-2 4:00) 138: Garret Cornell (EAH) over (MUAH) (For.).

145: Lane Younker (EAH) over Trevor Skopic (MUAH) (MD 17-8) 152: Macen Akers (EAH) over Jonathan Balles (MUAH) (Fall 1:03). 160: Quinton Spade (EAH) over Jayce Reck (MUAH) (Dec 7-3) 170: Caleb Morgan (MUAH) over Luis Saldivar (EAH) (Dec 4-0) 182: William Harkleroad (MUAH) over Seth Snyder (EAH) (Fall 2:30) 195: Quinton Beegle (EAH) over (MUAH) (For.) 220: Logan Propst (EAH) over Clayton Arnold (MUAH) (Fall 2:25)

Southern Huntingdon 69

Claysburg-Kimmel 12

CLAYSBURG — Southern Huntingdon won two by fall and nine by forfeit in rolling past Claysburg-Kimmel.

Hunter Dively recorded a fall for Claysburg at 132 pounds, and Kobe Harr won by forfeit.

132: Hunter Dively (CKH) over Andrew Shoop (SHCH) (Fall 3:54) 138: Evan Herrington (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 145: Jordan Bailey (SHCH) over Cade Keithley (CKH) (Dec 7-6) 152: Brandon Runk (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 160: Kobe Harr (CKH) over (SHCH) (For.) 170: Wyatt Campbell (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 182: Mason Swanger (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.).

195: Aaron Kough (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 220: Casey Willis (SHCH) over Logan McDonald (CKH) (Fall 0:50) 285: Kole Winfield (SHCH) over Carlos Mejia-Mock (CKH) (Fall 0:14) 106: Raymond Goss (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 113: Austin Dell (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 120: Cole Hicks (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.) 126: Josh Fleck (SHCH) over (CKH) (For.)

West Branch 66

Juniata Valley 6

MORRISDALE — Juniata Valley forfeited six of the first seven weights in a loss to West Branch.

Collin Sparr pinned his opponent to record the only victory for the Green Hornets.

138: Hayes Jones (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 145: William Herring (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 152: Tyce Cantolina (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 160: Josh Cantolina (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 170: Ethan Yingling (WBH) over Isaac Watson (JVH) (Fall 0:13) 182: Matthew White (WBH) over (JVH) (For.).

195: Derek Yingling (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 220: John Milliron (WBH) over TJ Wilson (JVH) (Fall 0:49) 285: Nathaniel Thompson (WBH) over Dalton Dick (JVH) (Fall 4:37) 113: Collin Sparr (JVH) over Parker Johnson (WBH) (Fall 2:37) 126: Tyler Denochick (WBH) over (JVH) (For.) 132: Chris Swoope (WBH) over Tony Porter (JVH) (Fall 1:18).


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