Everett’s Maxwell honored for track and field work

LOYSBURG — Everett Area High School sophomore Kaitlyn Maxwell, who recently won two medals at the PIAA Track and Field Championships, earned the Inter-County Conference 2018 track and field MVP honor.

Maxwell was the top point producer with 248, edging out Juniata Valley senior Taylor Leidy by two points. Everett senior Stefanie Ketterman was third.

First-team all-stars from the Mirror coverage area were Maxwell, Leidy, Ketterman, Northern Bedford’s Mackenzie Gates, Tussey Mountain’s Meghan Molosky and Emma Watkins, Bellwood-Antis’ Kamryn Mercer and Lexi Gerwert, Juniata Valley’s Mary Wilson and the Bellwood 3200 relay team.

Southern Huntingdon’s Andrew Stanley was the boys track and field MVP. First-team all-stars included Tussey Mountain’s Evan Germaux, Alex Conner and Cole Weist, Bellwood-Antis’ Tanner Worthing, Dylan Wilson, Clay Engle and Chris Wertman, Northern Bedford’s Ian Zimmerman, the Tussey 400 relay and the Bellwood 1600 relay.

Making the ICC North first-team baseball all-stars were Juniata Valley’s Quinn Zinobile and Seth Derugen, Bellwood-Antis’ Ian McFarland, Trent Walker, Travis Luensmann, Jack Showalter and Nick Plank, Claysburg-Kimmel’s Dominic Francona and Moshannon Valley’s Alex Kitko.

ICC South first-team baseball all-stars included Everett’s Austin Price and Landry Grubb, and Tussey Mountain’s Joel Musser and Brady Villa.

ICC North first-team softball all-stars included Claysburg-Kimmel’s Emily Claar, Glendale’s Olivia Reese, Makenzie Lukehart and Alexis Mulhollen, Moshannon Valley’s Sidney Lewis and Juniata Valley’s Brooke Boonie.

Everett’s Sydney Reffner, Brooke Colledge, Jacie Martin and Kristen Ewing made the ICC South first-team softball all-stars, along with Northern Bedford’s Kaity Corle and Tussey Mountain’s Cassidy Swope.

Key: BA–Bellwood-Antis; CK–Claysburg-Kimmel; E–Everett; FM–Fannett-Metal; FR–Forbes Road; G–Glendale; JV–Juniata Valley; MC–McConnellsburg; MV–Moshannon Valley; MU–Mount Union; NB–Northern Bedford; SF–Southern Fulton; SH–Southern Huntingdon; TM–Tussey Mountain; WB–West Branch; WL–Williamsburg


Top scorers: 1. Andrew Stanley, SH, 260 (MVP). 2. Noah Wilson, SH, 236. 3. Josh Booth, MC, 203. 4. Shawn Wolfe, BA, 199. 5. Tanner Worthing, BA, 198. 6. Evan Germaux, TM, 185. 7. Clay Engle, BA, 176. 8. Ian Zimmerman, NB, 170. 9. Bryson Clingerman, E, 162. 10. Doug Gearhart, MU, 156.

100 dash: Evan Germaux, TM, 65. 200 dash: Evan Germaux, TM, 55. 400 dash: Tanner Worthing, BA, 63; 800 run: Andrew Stanley, SH, 65. 1600 run: Ian Zimmerman, NB, 61; 3200 run: Andrew Stanley, SH, 65. 110 hurdles: Josh Booth, MC, 65. 300 hurdles: Dylan Wilson, BA, 57.

400 relay: Tussey Mountain (Tyler Rhodes, Zach Sumner, Jarred Sipes, Evan Germaux). 1600 relay: Bellwood-Antis (Zach Mallon, Max DeArmitt, Dylan Wilson, Shawn Wolfe). 3200 relay: Southern Huntingdon (Seth Walker, Jordan Bailey, Ryan Hammons, Andrew Stanley). High jump: Noah Wilson, SH, 65. Long jump: Clay Engle, BA, 54. Triple jump: Clay Engle, BA, 65. Shot put: Chris Wertman, BA, 65. Discus: Alex Conner, TM, 61. Javelin: Cole Weist, TM, 61. Pole vault: Ethan Golden, SF, 61.


Top scorers: 1. Kaitlyn Maxwell, E, 248 (MVP). 2. Taylor Leidy, JV, 246. 3. Stefanie Ketterman, E, 222. 4. Mary Dudich, SF, 221. 5. Mackenzie Gates, NB, 217. 6. Sadie McConnell, NB, 193. 7. Rachel Lingenfelter, NB, 188. 8, Cheyenne Risbon, SF, 183. 9. Kamryn Mercer, BA, 156. 10. Meghan Molosky, TM, 148.

100 dash: Kaitlyn Maxwell, E, 65. 200 dash: Meghan Molosky, TM, 61. 400 dash: Kaitlyn Maxwell, E, 65. 800 run: Hailey Prestash, WB, 61. 1600 run: Hailey Prestash, WB, 65. 3200 run: Trinity Prestash, WB, 65. 100 hurdles: Taylor Leidy, JV, 65. 300 hurdles: Mackenzie Gates, NB, 55.

400 relay: Southern Fulton (Mary Dudich, Brooke Jordan, Sierra McDonald, Jillian Hiller). 1600 relay: Southern Fulton (Jillian Hiller, Mary Dudich, Cheyenne Risbon, Lydia Hiller). 3200 relay: Bellwood-Antis (Haley Campbell, Kali Lonsinger, Lauren Heisler, Sicily Yingling). High jump: Stefanie Ketterman, E, and Kamryn Mercer, BA, 58. Long jump: Taylor Leidy, JV, 65. Triple jump: Stefanie Ketterman, E, 60. Shot put: Emma Watkins, TM, 56. Discus: Mary Wilson, JV, 58. Javelin: Alyssa Rotz, FM, 65. Pole vault: Lexi Gerwert, BA, 45.


NORTH: Infielders: Matt Harshbarger, MU; Quinn Zinobile, JV; Ian McFarland, BA; Dominic Francona, CK. Outfielders: Seth Derugen, JV; Grayson McClain, MU; Trent Walker, BA; Quinton Posey, MU. Pitchers: Travis Luensmann, BA; Alex Kitko, MV; Dylan Gearhart, MU. Catcher: Jack Showalter, BA. Designated hitter: Nick Plank, BA.

Honorable mention: Canaan Burket, CK; Corey Chamberlain, CK; Tanner Hunt, CK; Seth Musselman, CK; Ben Kasaback, G; Gabe Brower, JV; Jacob Hensor, JV; Jack Johnson, JV; Jacob Matchock, MV.

SOUTH: Infielders: Cooper Grove, SF; Austin Price, E; Matt Parks, SH; Mason Smith, SH. Outfielders: Landry Grubb, E; Dustin Jones, SH; Joel Musser, TM; Mitchell Potter, SF; Riley Myers, SH. Pitchers: Brycen Hohman, SF; Austin Miller, SH. Catcher: Jordan Mansberger, SH. Designated player: Brady Villa, TM.

Honorable mention: Pitcher: Jordan Berkstresser, TM; Infielders: Andrew Lazor, NB; Donovan Garlock, MC.


NORTH: Infielders: Emily Claar, CK; Karrigan Woodward, MU; Olivia Reese, G; Madison Harris, MU. Outfielders: Sidney Lewis, MV; Makenzie Lukehart, G; Kadyn Creswell, MU; Skylar Ceprish, WB. Pitchers: Alexis Mulhollen, G; Sarah Gearhart, MU; Lizzy Scott, WB. Catcher: Diana Roher, MU. Designated player: Brooke Boonie, JV.

Honorable mention: Haley Schmidt, BA; Mikalynn Bauman, CK; Madison Knisely, CKg; Haileigh Reed, CK; Kristen Hewitt, Ge; Alaney Vereshack, G; Taylor Fortney, MU; Julia Herring, WB; Kayleigh MacTavish, WB; Elizabeth Frederick, WL.

SOUTH: Infielders: Sydney Reffner, E; Morgan Ritchey, FM; Kaity Corle, NB; Madison Koontz, MC. Outfielders: Brooke Colledge, E; Julia Lafferty, MC; Cassidy Swope, TM; Janelle Appel, SF. Pitchers: Jade Rhodes, FM; Jacie Martin, E; Destiny Hall, MC. Catcher: Baylee Jenkins, SH. Designated players: Madi Lessley, SH; Kristen Ewing, E.

Honorable mention:Courtney Schoen, FR.


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