Parsons could have

delayed announcement

Neil Rudel mentioned that he can’t blame Micah Parsons for making the decision for forgoing this season.

I only wish Parsons would have waited more than one day to announce his decision just to pretend that he was a team leader of one of the best teams this year.

Also, if you can’t blame Parsons, than you probably couldn’t blame other stars like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.

Why have they chosen not to leave?

It sure would make Parsons leaving sting less.

My guess is, other than money, his son is the reason for his decision.

In any event, moving football to spring will impact many more than Parsons.

Kirk Gadebusch


Baseball has justified

Big Ten’s decision

Finally, a voice of reason.

The Big Ten has it right. Playing football this year is a nightmare waiting to happen.

I understand the impact this will have on the businesses in State College, but what’s happened in baseball, a sport with virtually no physical contact and social distancing built into the game, is a lesson for a sport based on 22 behemoths colliding on every play.

Larry Eisman



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