For kneeling players,

here’s another option

The emphasis of the NFL games could always be summarized in one word: winning.

I do believe this is about to change after reading excerpts in the Mirror and listening to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

The new emphasis will be on which player or which teams will refuse to stand for the national anthem.

When I watch the Wounded Warrior commercial, I see the number of servicemen that have lost arms and legs defending our nation and our flag.

I realize the very people they are defending choose to dishonor them by refusing to stand and pay allegiance to our nation.

This is beyond sickening to me.

The remedy to this is to play the anthem minutes before the kickoff when players are in the locker room. Then “let’s play ball.”

Raymond J. Scanlan

U.S. Navy veteran


Brown story is old news

so media should let it go

Why do sports reporters keep writing about Antonio Brown?

He retired and unretired three times.

He’s now finishing school — how is that going? — and says doesn’t need football. He’s been told to be drug tested and psych tested.

If you stop writing about him and ignore him, perhaps he will go away.

He isn’t that important.

Fred Buckreis



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