Kneeling for anthem not way to show unity

In ranking the top coaches of the NFL, the name of Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Chuck Noll would certainly be in the top 10.

Four Super Bowl wins in less than 10 years during his tenure is quite an accomplishment.

To those close to him, he was known as the “emperor.” He definitely was “captain of the ship,” and his team played the game his way.

The results speak for themselves.

In recent days, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said it was long overdue that management would start listening to the players’ complaints.

Input is always appreciated, but it sounds like the employees are running the business.

Also, it will be interesting to see how many players will kneel instead of standing for the national anthem.

We need to have unity in this country and respect for our institutions.

If this happens you can label me as an “ex NFL fan.”

Raymond J. Scanlan



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