Teener League decision is letting kids down

Since when are local sports officials an adequate substitute for state and federal health officials?

How is it possible that the Altoona Teener League will allow sporting events to take place at the Eldorado Kiwanis field while still in the yellow phase — a direct defiance of the Department of Health?

All other leagues have obeyed commands, so why does the Teener League feel exempt?

In addition, Gov. Wolf explicitly stated that counties that disobey orders will be subject to losing discretionary funding.

So if you think the actions of local, defiant individuals, groups and businesses don’t involve you, think again. The governor’s office is surely watching. When you begin seeing roads and bridges crumbling over the next decade, just remember the bad-apple citizens who spoiled the goods for everyone else.

No one likes to hold kids back from doing what they love. But, in life, some things are bigger than sports. Ignoring health experts and government officials is just about the worst example that can be set for our children.

Parents: Do your kids a favor and talk to them about sacrifice and uniting against an invisible enemy. They will be much stronger for how they learned to persevere rather than be told that “this pandemic is a hoax” and “health officials are liars.”

Parents and schools would be hypocritical to preach the importance of STEM classes, only to denounce science when it matters the most.

No one should risk losing their life “for the love of the game.”

The people you love are worth staying on the sidelines for.

Kudos to the many other league officials in town who are doing the right thing.

T.J. Hatch



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