Summer baseball can’t be sacrificed

Baseball isn’t just a diversion, it’s an institution.

Baseball teaches you a lot about life, in regards to failure, and handling failure is a life lesson.

Young boys developing into young adults have a passion to play, learn and evolve within.

Sports does this with the guidance of parents, coaches and teachers.

Without the ability to play sports this summer, what will this pandemic cause or create moving forward?

Health and awareness are and should be a top priority to all of us. If your arm is sore, or your knee is hurting, take the next game off.

Learn to make your body healthy so that you can continue to play sports.

How about the smiles, the joy and excitement that could be missed? Will there be no more high fives, no more hugs, or no more slaps on the butt?

The positive attitude that we all strive to give to each other during these difficult times must continue for our younger generation.

Summer baseball is a great time for all ages. Whether it is getting home from school or work, it’s our outlet to fun and excitement and for a parent or grandparent, it’s a chance to unwind from their busy day.

To be able to watch and gather with family and friends while cheering on their sons or daughters, husbands or boyfriends is special.

Summer baseball, at different ages, starts at different times due to many reasons.

We are continually being told about social distancing due to the coronavirus. But if we don’t play summer baseball, isn’t that what we are actually doing?

For that high schooler who lost out on his or her senior year, along with all the underclassmen looking to continue to develop and play and the college players who also lost out, what can we do?

Adult summer baseball is made up of grown men still feeling the urge and joy to play for the love of the game.

The time they take away from their families to play baseball should be noted. For the wives, girlfriends and parents wanting to also interact with other adults, that, too, would be lost.

To be without summer baseball for all the other people that enjoy it, from the umpires to the press box attendant, to the kids selling 50/50 tickets and the concession stand ladies would be sad.

Yes, understandably we are all dealing with difficult times.

I hope we never have to again, but it’s what we are dealt. We must overcome to be able to make this world a better place to live in.

Without summer baseball, I feel we let this virus beat us. We must continue to make the smart choices for all involved. It’s been said that baseball is “America’s pastime.”

America has flourished under this sport. Baseball has survived countless economic endeavors and natural hardships.

Baseball shows us as people that we have the ability to pick our heads up and to make us stronger than whatever pushes us down.

With all our hearts and minds together, let’s hope we can watch some summer baseball soon.

Matt Cursio is a lifelong resident of Altoona who has been involved in local baseball leagues since his days playing in the East End Little League.


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