Donatelli left quite a legacy in Ebensburg

I enjoyed last Wednesday’s article from the Mirror archives about Augie Donatelli, the former Major League Baseball umpire.

It’s nice reading about people you knew a long time ago.

Donatelli was very popular in Ebensburg. He was a plain-spoken person who said hi to everyone.

I don’t recall that he ever passed up any question he was asked about baseball, and there were plenty of those.

In the early 1960s, I delivered groceries for a local supermarket, and his residence was one of the stops.

In the offseason, he would be known to stop in at one or two of the local watering holes for a couple brews.

My dad knew him from the Moose Lodge in Ebensburg. Later, in the mid-60s, I was fortunate enough to share a cold one or two with him myself.

He was originally from Bakerton, and he never forgot that. That’s surely one of the reasons he was so well liked.

I knew about all the folks involved in the recognition dinner — Elmer Daily, Arnold Smorto, Judge McDonald, Angelo Papalia and a couple others.

Although that dinner was a little early for me, I met those folks later.

Augie Donatelli’s name still comes up around here occasionally, and you don’t here a bad word about him. Thanks for the trip back, and thanks for the stories in the archives.

The Mirror still has the best sports page around here, even when there aren’t any sports being played.

Charlie Moyer



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