Golf being shortchanged by governor’s orders

As an avid golfer, I was upset by Gov. Wolf’s recent order to shelter in place, which caused all of the golf courses in the state to close.

I was particularly annoyed since this time of year, I usually either walk my home course, Sylvan Hills alone, or ride in a cart with my wife. On the course, I rarely come within 50 yards of another golfer, and I do not even need to enter the office if I am walking.

Golf for me, and many others, is a great stress release and exercise opportunity.

My other favorite activity is hiking trails, often in area state parks. With shelter in place, it is actually illegal to travel by car except for specified reasons like work, getting groceries, picking up medicine, etc.

While the police will not randomly stop people to verify destinations, at least one person was cited so far in this state.

I am disappointed in these orders, but I understand the importance of shelter in place, as I am a senior citizen with preexisting conditions.

What I do not understand is how the same state government that banned walking a golf course alone, and traveling by car to hike alone, now not only allows people to go fishing but encourages it by starting trout season early.

The last time I checked, most fisherman do not live within walking distance of their favorite lake or stream. They must drive there, often to a state park. Many need to buy supplies such as bait. This requires extra shopping, which we are told to avoid by the state.

In addition, fisherman have a knack for being close to each other, especially in the early part of the season. (Yes I know fly fishing requires room to cast.) Proximity could be a larger issue this year with people laid off and school closed.

Please do not misunderstand me: I think fishing is a great activity for many to enjoy. I am happy that countless Pennsylvanians are getting their stress relief and exercise.

I just wish others, like myself, could do so as well.

Paul R. Conway


Local sports archive story is breath of fresh air

I certainly enjoy the Mirror’s local sports archive article and history from the past.

It’s enlightening to imagine listening to Knute Rockne, talking with a heavyweight champ, or being a part of the first baseball game with lights in Altoona.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, it’s refreshing to imagine what those and events were like.

Keep up the great work.

Jim Foster



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